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    26 Cuddle-Worthy Things You'll Want To Curl Up With Right Now

    It's getting a bit colder... give yourself a few *more* excuses to never wanna leave your bed.....

    1. A super fuzzy throw, because winter is coming.

    2. An oversized shawl so you can go about town in comfortable style — even when you wish you were still snuggled up in your bed.

    3. A cardigan coat fluffy enough to keep you cozy and warm during those chilly fall nights.

    4. A pair of fingerless hand warmers you plug into any USB outlet for ultimate toastiness while you work.

    5. A chunky sweater people will think was knitted with love by a sweet and talented grandparent — little do they know your grandparents are too busy going on cruises to knit you anything.

    6. A super soft oversized cardigan for when you want to feel pretty in some pink but also just wanna wear your blanket all day.

    7. A hooded fleece onesie with pockets and removable, zip-off footsies that'll have you as snug as a bug in a rug.

    8. A pair of heated slippers you can activate by using the removable USB plug; they just so happen to be totally gnar-whaly.

    9. A plush robe, because not all heroes wear capes — some wear comfy AF robes while they make lunches, load the dishwasher, put on flawless makeup, and rule the world.

    10. A reversible faux cashmere shawl so you can drape yourself in luxurious blends of fancy fabrics.

    11. An oversized crewneck sweater you'd look great wearing on a nautical vacation — or curled up at the movies while you watch a movie about a nautical vacation gone awry.

    12. A reversible fleece and sherpa blanket for when you need to stay warm during your trip through the Himalayas — or while you're cuddling up on your sofa. It works great for all of your lifestyle needs.

    13. A faux shearling sweater that looks as expensive as it is cozy.

    14. A machine-washable, wrinkle- and shrink-resistant fleece blanket you'll have to get two of because your pets will go to war for it — and you will not win.

    15. A giant bean bag, because who the f#@k needs a sofa when you can have a beanbag bigger than my NYC apartment?

    16. A knitted turtleneck poncho you can belt or wear loose for a totally stylish and comfy fall ensamble.

    17. A plaid blanket scarf for when it's pumpkin spice season and you need a coordinating OOTD.

    18. A pullover sweater you'll basically live in, no matter what you're doing.

    19. A wearable blanket with pockets; it's about time you had a place to wear your remote control.

    20. A pet-carrying hoodie, because nothing makes you wanna curl up more than a cuddly pet.

    21. An oversized batwing cardigan you're surely going to spend about 99% of your time in.

    22. A Totoro sleeping bag that's as cute as it is comfortable.

    23. A fuzzy knit sweater perfect for an afternoon at the kind of coffee shop where you need to hold your cup with two hands.

    24. A fuzzy hoodie guaranteed to turn you into the real life version of your favorite stuffed animal.

    25. A pile biker jacket so you can channel your inner rock star while still being totally cuddly.

    26. And a faux fur covered beanbag, because it's like a giant fuzzy bed!!!

    All this stuff is gonna have you feeling...