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    37 Pieces Of Decor Under $25 That’ll Make Your House Look Like You Hired An Interior Decorator

    From wall decor to floor mats, decor that'll have your home covered from floor to ceiling.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A dazzling hammered metal handmade garland designed to look like all 13 stages of the moon.

    The garland hanging above someone's bed

    2. A perfectly coordinated set of books to help make your shelves look like they belong in the pages of an interior design magazine.

    A bookshelf filled with color-coordinated books

    3. A set of room-darkening velvet curtains so you can give your living room — or any room — a glamorous touch.

    4. A set of the prettiest pink peony reed diffusers — they're made of a super porous sola material that will absorb the scent and colors of your favorite oil fragrances. It'll basically be like having perfect flowers that never die and always smell delightful.

    The set of pink peony 2" sola flower reed diffusers

    5. A small but quite busty ceramic vase perfect for all your blooms.

    6. A dazzling LED light twinkle curtain great for creating that sparkle and glittering light.

    7. A set of sturdy wood coasters so you can create a mini coaster library — they're designed to look like classic written works of art but with some very punny edits to the titles.

    The set of coasters that looks like books but with titles like "Drinkula" and "Gone with the Wine"

    8. A set of gorgeously lush velvet pillow covers to lend a little color and texture to any room in your house.

    A variety of the velvet pillow covers on a sofa

    9. A set of stainless-steel and glass soap dispensers that look expensive but are actually quite reasonably priced.

    A customer review photo of four soap dispensers in their shower

    10. A set of sophisticated rust-resistant soap/lotion/shampoo/conditioner labels that kinda make it look like you're giving your toiletries some jewelry.

    11. A set of frames in different sizes so you can create a gallery wall made of your favorite photos or your kid's artwork.

    A customer review photo of the frames displayed on multiple shelves

    12. A foldable rope plant basket designed in a meticulously woven natural and sustainable jute spliced cotton rope that'll hold its shape when it's in use.

    The rope plant basket next to a sofa

    13. A hanging macrame wall mirror I am almost 100% sure would sell for way more at a trendier store — rhymes with bourbon shout litters.

    The macrame wall mirror hanging on a wall

    14. A leather table lamp for help bringing in more light to your space and making it feel way cozier.

    15. A handmade, natural bamboo Mason Bee House designed to attract bee pollinators into your garden.

    A man gardening next to the bee hive

    16. A roll of adhesive chalkboard contact paper so you can turn your boring old walls and surfaces into usable and fun spaces your kids (and let's not lie, you) will love.

    17. A resin-coated fabric shower curtain with dangling tassels so you can make your bathroom look like a bohemian dream.

    The fabric shower curtain hanging around a bathtub

    18. A super easy to do COLORWORK DIY Paint by Numbers Canvas that'll have you creating the floral pieces of artwork your walls need.

    A customer review photo of their framed completed canvas

    19. A bundle of faux jasmine flowers for adding a vibrant statement to any room — without the need to replace them every week.

    A bundle of the faux Jasmine flowers in white

    20. A gorgeous vintage-inspired teal and gold pendant light designed with a 15-foot cloth cord to help you bring light nearly anywhere in your home.

    21. A minimal but totally elegant hexagon wall mirror so you can add one more spot to check your makeup in.

    The hexagon wall mirror hanging in a bathroom

    22. A USB-powered LED light strip to bring the perfect amount of ambient lighting to your TV-watching experience.

    23. A perfectly useful and totally hilarious kitchen towel that'll bring a chuckle any time someone walks into your kitchen.

    The variety of available kitchen towels laid out

    24. A simple little wall mirror perfect for hanging on top of your favorite table or shelf — plus, mirrors help make a tiny space look bigger, which if your apartment is anything like mine, you very much need.

    The wall mirror placed on a table and against a wall

    25. A perfectly curated selection of photos in a monochromatic theme so you can create an aesthetically pleasing wall collage with minimal effort — the set comes with 50 themed 4x6 cardstock printed pictures in a range of landscapes, quotes, and just beautiful imagery.

    The neutral wall collage kit hanging above a table

    26. A stackable set of geometrically shaped storage trays you can potentially use as plates in a very beautiful table setting.

    The storage trays laid out on a table

    27. A decorative marble paperweight that'll be the apple of your desk's eyes.

    The apple-shaped paperweight placed on top of a pile of newspaper

    28. A lightweight foldable storage ottoman for help keeping all the stuff you want out of sight hidden away — but they also look quite nice as part of your decor setup.

    The storage ottoman in yellow linen

    29. A glossy decorative tray that'll look perfect sitting on your coffee table and holding all your little treasures.

    30. A three-piece, 1,500-thread-count, silky soft duvet cover for when you want to feel like you're sleeping at the Four Seasons without leaving the comfort of your own home.

    The duvet cover in cream on a plush bed

    31. A colorful Moroccan-style rug that'll help soften up the area around your sinks and doors.

    A close up of the doormat in the multi

    32. A set of fresh sheets with a subtle but playful print to freshen up and bring a little more color into your bedroom.

    The sheets on a full-size bed in the llama print

    33. A colorful Novogratz x Globe power outlet complete with three or six places to plug your devices in and two USB slots — look, chances are you need these so why not get a pretty one.

    The three outlet power strip in lavender

    34. A stunning decorative copper double wall mesh bowl that looks like it belongs in a museum more than it does your home — unless your house is a museum in which case, can I come over?

    A photo of the mesh bowl

    35. A set of pleated fabric shades so you can get some privacy without totally blocking the light.

    The pleated fabric shades installed on a few windows in a living room

    36. A linen pillow cover to immortalize one of the greatest moments in TV history and that you'll use to rest your head on while you rewatch The Office for the 782nd time this week.

    A customer review photo of their dog with the pillowcase that says "Dwight you ignorant slut"

    37. A very festive — and even comfier — set of cotton shams to really help make the bed the life of the party.

    Two of the cotton shams on pillows stacked on top of each other

    How people are gonna talk about your home after they come visit...

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