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36 Charitable Companies That Actually Give Back

Don't just give to those you know, give to those in need.

1. BoxLunch gives a meal for every $10 you spend.

2. Pura Vida Bracelets gives artisans full time jobs while helping to fund over 190 charities.

3. We Wood gives a tree for the ~time~.

4. Hand in Hand gives soap and clean water with every purchase.

5. Warby Parker gives communities vision.

6. Out of Print gives funding to literacy programs.

7. H&M gives school supplies to refugee children this holiday season.

8. Bogo Bowl gives food to pets in need.

9. Toms gives away a pair of shoes for every purchased pair.

10. The Company Store gives blankets to homeless children across the country.

11. Better World Books gives books and funds literacy initiatives worldwide

12. Good Spread gives nutrition when it's needed most.

13. Ivory Ella gives to organizations trying to save the elephants.

14. Amazon Smile gives to your choice of charity when you make a regular Amazon purchase.

15. The Vintage Twin gives 10% of their proceeds to charity.

16. Sudara gives sustainable jobs to women.

17. Diff Eyewear gives eyeglasses to people in need with every purchase.

18. Hiptipico gives scholarships and supports local artisans in Guatemala.

19. Conscious Step gives you the power to give back with each step.

20. Roma helps give poverty the boot through education and aid.

21. Sevenly gives to seven different causes.

22. Faucet Face gives water filters.

23. Twice As Warm gives winter clothes.

24. Project 7 gives to non-profits when you buy gum.

25. Yoobi gives classrooms the supplies they need.

26. FIGS gives scrubs to medical professionals around the world.

27. One World Play Project gives soccer balls to kids.

28. FEED gives meals.

29. Everything Happy gives blankets and toys to children.

30. Krochet Kids gives at-risk women opportunities of empowerment.

31. (RED) fights AIDS by funding grants.

32. Best Friends gives to animals looking for homes.

33. Global Goods Partner gives to women.

34. Smile Squared gives children toothbrushes to help create healthy smiles.

35. House of Light Goods gives opportunities to single mothers escaping poverty.

36. Ten Thousand Villages gives artisans the opportunity to participate in a global market place.

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