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34 Delicious-Looking Gifts For People Who Love Pancakes

"Maybe we could sleep in... pretend like it's the weekend now."

1. These pancake pajamas that will totally be the one(sie) for them.

2. This adorable plush toy that'll give them breakfast in bed everyday.

3. This cotton candy that'll taste wayyyy better than normal.

4. This interactive cookbook that'll teach kids all the joys of making pancakes.

5. This t-shirt that explains just where pancakes are on the priority list.

6. This fork that's the perfect tool for all their pancake consumption needs.

7. This bathrobe that lets them dry off in the fluffy comfort only pancakes can provide.

8. This candle that'll fill their fall and pancake needs with just one match.

9. This sweatshirt that knows they have 99 problems... but breakfast is not one.

10. These stamps that'll let them leave their breakfast mark on everything.

11. This beanie that'll provide them the same warmth as a short stack.

12. This blanket so they can cuddle up in their favorite food.

13. This purse so they can carry their favorite breakfast all day.

14. This backpack that is just dripping in perfection.

15. This apron that will not only protect them while they're making the pancakes, it'll also provide them with the instructions!

16. This pancake maker that'll take them to the dark side.

17. This cookbook with all the ways they can enjoy the perfect stack.

18. And this dispenser that'll serve the perfect amount of batter every time.

19. This ring to wear as a commitment to their favorite meal.

20. This syrup that'll add a little spice to all the sweetness pancakes provide them.

21. This pan that'll let them express all the emotions pancakes make them feel.

22. This phone case that'll be their workout buddy.

23. These paper clips that'll add some happiness to their office supplies.

24. The best damn stress reliever they've ever had.

25. These pancake playing cards that'll make solitaire feel like a party.

26. These pancake pens that'll finally let them create art in a medium that makes sense.

27. This book that is basically their autobiography.

28. These socks so that their toes can be covered in the maple.

29. This soap so they can finally bathe in the morning deliciousness.

30. This breakfast-in-bed kit because pancakes are already the best, but they're even better when served in bed.

31. This tote that gets how real the struggle is.

32. This handbook that'll serve as mandatory reading.

33. This sweatshirt because they'll take some bacon and they'll put it in a pancake, bacon pancakes, that's what it's gonna make.

34. And this robot that'll create pancake art for them everyday!

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