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Here Are The 19 Latinx Brands Featured In BuzzFeed's Mercadito

Did you catch our Mercadito? Here are the Latinx-owned brands we can't stop talking about.

1. Feliz Modern, an awesome boutique based out of San Antonio, is filled with a perfectly curated selection of gifts, art, home goods, name it!

Feliz Modern

They have a colorful, thoughtful, and just plain awesome selection of art, gifts, clothing, accessories, home goods, and so much more. Co-owners Mario and Ginger Diaz have art and design backgrounds and they wanted to create a shop filled with eye-catching local and global goods. Although their online store is awesome, if you ever find yourself in San Antonio stop by their shop, "the Home of Happy," IRL.

Get the Let Your Conchas Be Your Guide sticker for $3 and the guayabera onesie for $25 (available for newborn to 24 months).

2. Fanesha Fabre Art is a Dominican-born multimedia artist/songwriter/producer who creates unique standout pieces that are perfect for decorating everything from your home to your body.

Fanesha Fabre Art

Fanesha is the daughter of Dominican painter and sculptor Vicente Fabre. Surrounded by art growing up, it's no wonder her creative spirit has flourished. Fanesha began her career in music, slowly integrating her illustrations into projects including her own album artwork. In 2017, Fanesha decided to focus on her digital illustrations and began creating art and pieces that celebrate living in NYC as a Latina. Using vibrant colors, her pieces include everything from bodega cats to the Mona Lisa as a Dominican girl from uptown.

Get the Cafecito enamel mug for $22 and the Mentiras enamel food bowl for $24+ (available in three sizes).

3. J Salvador's Super Emo Friends has a colorful collection of pop culture references, perfect for filling your melancholy heart. I'm pretty sure that all the pieces in this shop are designed with my over-eyelinered past and my stuck-at-home present in mind.

Super Emo Friends

This shop is filled with satirical parody art inspired by some of pop culture's greatest moments — really, a collection of paintings inspired by the tragic lives of various comic, video game, movie, and TV characters.

Get the Super Emo Chili Spilly enamel pin for $10 and the Virgincita de Guadalupe single figurilla frame set for $20 (available in four colors).

4. Jen Zeano Designs, an online shop filled with empowering, bold, thoughtful designs that celebrate the sparkle that is Latina magic.

Jen Zeano Designs

JZD is a Texas-based lifestyle brand dedicated to making products that make Latinas feel represented and celebrated. They carry some of the softest T-shirts and sweatshirts you'll ever feel. They also have great accessories, kidswear, and even swim!

Get the Vota sweatshirt for $50 (available in sizes S-2XL).

5. The Pocket Palette is a genius and totally portable makeup kit with everything you need to do your makeup on the go! The single-use kit includes mascara, BB cream, and blush/lip tint and can fit nearly anywhere.

Someone holding up The Pocket Palette

Having to take a 5 a.m. train ride, Lynda, the Pocket Palette creator, decided it was easier to squeeze some makeup into sandwich baggies than have to lug her whole makeup bag with her. The rest is history. Now we can all have a single-use, full face makeup kit on hand, all the time.

Get a three-pack of the Pocket Palette for $11.99 (available in four shades).

6. Addo is a fantastic Puerto Rican restaurant by chef Eric Rivera in Seattle. While some of us probably can't get to Seattle right now, it shouldn't stop us from enjoying so many of the yummy eats. Cue their Puerto Rican Pantry, which is filled with so many of the delicious goods we're hungry for.

Multiple tins of the sazon.

Their pantry has SO SO SO many Puerto Rican and Latin staples — custom blends created by Chef Eric use the highest quality ingredients. Nonperishable items can be shipped nationwide and even internationally. For orders under $75 there is an $8 fee, and for orders over $75, shipping is free.

Get the fresh sofrito for $7 and the sazón scented candle for $8.

7. AstraLuna Arts is an Etsy shop full of pieces celebrating astrology and pop culture uniquely created to feed your mythical self.

The enamel Libra Pin.
AstraLuna Arts

Based in Portland, AstraLuna Arts offers everything from custom portraits to awesome and original greeting cards. Their selection of goods is designed for every self-described nerd's inner self.

Get the enamel Libra Pin for $15.

8. Holy guacamole! Fruity Poms is a colorful dream come true. Filled with bold, detailed, and beautiful hand-felt pieces of jewelry, this shop offers you the festive statements your wardrobe is asking for.

Fruity Poms

Founded by Daniela C. Madrigal, an independent artist and stay-at-home mom, Fruity Poms offers creative pieces of wearable art. Using her background in fine art, Daniela facilitated her journey as a designer. Whether it's hand-felting pieces or trimming pom-poms, she loves exploring new mediums to bring her creations to life.

Get the Avocado Drop earrings for $35.

9. Vive Cosmetics is easily one of the best beauty brands on the market — their Qué Matte Liquid Lipstick deserves all the awards. But it doesn't end with their incredible makeup, they also have super pretty accessories that'll look so good on your vanity.

Vive Cosmetics,

Vive Cosmetics is Latina owned and operated, and they're on a mission to create space in the beauty industry while giving meaningful Latina/Latinx representation that truly reflects the community.

Get the Eres Magia Mirror for $20 and the Qué Matte Liquid Lipstick for $20.

10. Loisa has full-flavored seasonings made with organic ingredients like oregano, cumin, garlic, coriander, achiote, and a touch of sea salt. These make everything delicious, and they're not only SO flavorful, but they also don't use MSG, preservatives, or artificial stuff — and their vegan!

Bottle of the sazón and adobo next to a completed dish.

Loisa started in the NYC kitchens of its founders who were looking to bring JUST the flavors to the dishes they grew up with. They didn't want the artificial ingredients, MSG, and unnecessary fillers, so they started creating organic versions of the most famous Latin seasoning pair: Sazón y Adobo.

Get the sazón and adobo combo pack (with two bottles of each) for $29.97.

11. Proyecto Diaz Coffee has a legacy, with their family growing coffee beans since the early 1900s. They put extraordinary pride into every aspect of their production. Their mission is to caffeinate with purpose.

A bag of Proyecto Diaz' El Carmen coffee blend.
Proyecto Diaz Coffee

Their El Carmen blend (named after their grandfather's farm in Oaxaca, Mexico) has flavor notes of clementine, flan, and cashew — and it happens to be some of the most delicious coffee I've personally ever tasted.

Get a bag of El Carmen for $18+ (available in three sizes).

12. A Dozen Cousins offers ready-to-eat seasoned beans, a delicious (like holy moly delicious) recipe of a dinner staple. The founder based his flavorful creations off his own Creole, Caribbean, and Latin kitchen — and man, are they delicious. Plus you can just plop one of the bags in the microwave for 60 seconds and, bam, they're ready to go!

A bag of the Cuban Black Beans, Mexican Cowboy Beans, and the Trini Chickpea Curry.

A Dozen Cousins is named after its founder's daughter, her 11 cousins, and all the amazing family meals they share. Those meals also happen to be the inspiration behind their recipes. They use wholesome, easy-to-recognize ingredients like beans, vegetables, and nutrient-dense avocado oil, while avoiding GMOs and artificial flavors.

Get an eight pack of the Cuban Black Beans, Mexican Cowboy Beans, or Trini Chickpea Curry for $29.99.

13. Oh Comadre Candles brings the scents of the things we love (Horchata, Conchas, Mazapan) into our homes through sensational hand-poured candles. They carry so many amazing scents and designs to easily brighten up your space and maybe even put a smile on your face.

Oh Comadre Candles

Founded by Marcella Gomez, a nurse and self-described candle lover, Oh Comadre started as a form of therapy from the seriousness of her profession in healthcare. Each candle is individually hand-poured in Downey, California, "with mucho amor!"

Get the Horchata candle for $16.99.

14. Aleishla offers gorgeous and investment-worthy handmade pieces that the designer, Aleisha Lopez, often creates freely without ever sketching. She mixes different techniques and materials like wiring, soldering, and stones to create her minimalistic and timeless pieces.


All their pieces are made by hand with lots of care from the designer's home studio in Puerto Rico. Her passion for jewelry making is reflected in the seamless and sophisticated designs she creates.

Get the brass elongated oval hair clip for $55 and the Onda No 2 Ring for $60+ (available in five stones, two finishes, and in sizes 5–10).

15. Flor De Maria is an incredible shoe brand that crafts each pair to offer you height, style, and quality. Their eye-catching designs are often adorned on the feet of celebrities and seen gliding across red carpets.,

Flor de Maria Rivera, the designer behind her namesake brand, found her love for shoes at a very young age in her home country of Peru — amassing a collection of over 500 pairs. But she quickly realized that finding quality, style, versatility, and comfort was not an easy feat. In a never-ending quest for the perfect shoes, she decided to create her own designs. Rivera went on to study at one of Italy’s top design schools, Arsutoria, as well as entrepreneurship at Stanford University. The Flor de Maria line has been inspired by the fearless females in her life, whom she calls, “her queens.”

Get the Elva in red for $245 (available in sizes 6–10).

16. Rogative was founded in San Juan and was inspired by founder Gloriana López-Lay's travels outside of Puerto Rico and a desire to have a piece of the island with her. Their uniquely designed travel accessories tell a story and pay tribute to the iconic elements of Puerto Rico's artistry.

The Coquí Super Combo.

The Coqui Combo comes with a Chuchería Bag, a Mini Chuchería Bag, and a Cartuchera Bag — all proudly made in Puerto Rico out of 100% cotton canvas and are fully lined with the art description print. Rogative also donates 5% of their proceeds to the Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico.

Get the three-piece Coquí Super Combo for $68.

17. GRL Collective is a Latina-founded lifestyle brand specifically created for "grls that give a f*ck." Offering unique designs to help you speak your mind, their pieces are made from quality materials, super soft fabrics, and using sustainable and fair-trade practices. Plus their packaging is totally eco-friendly.

GRL Collective

They also donate 20% of their profits to help fund girls education in India through their nonprofit partners, the Sambhali Trust. $5 of their Lucha tee is donated to Black Lives Matter. $5 of their kids Lucha tee is donated to RAICES Texas. They also host yearly volunteer trips to India.

Get the AOC for President sweatshirt for $88 (available in sizes XS-2XL) and the Your Struggle Is My Struggle/ Tu Lucha Es Mi Lucha Tee for $40 (available in sizes XS-2XL)

18. All For Ramon was founded after designers Rocio Chavez and Diana Ibarria saw firsthand the amount of waste fashion creates. They committed to elevating the standard through eco-minded craftsmanship of their pieces, ethical manufacturing, conservation of natural resources, and employee wellness.

A model wearing the Playa organic cotton T-shirt.
All for Ramon

The brand is committed to honoring the legacy of their brother, Ramon, who died of cancer and had dedicated his life to standing up for the wellness of his employees with fair wages and quality working conditions. He also advocated for reducing waste in the fashion industry.

Get the Playa organic cotton T-shirt for $40 (available in sizes S-2XL and in two styles).

19. Cuerpa offers luxurious, high quality and responsibly sourced, all-natural beauty products. Made in small batches, they're able to meticulously formulate their products using ingredients like essential oils, clay, and herbs — all of which leave your skin looking and feeling amazing.


Their products not only achieve rapid and visible results, but they're also free from synthetic ingredients, parabens, phthalate, fillers, chemicals, animal testing, mineral oils, petroleum, and sodium laurel sulfate. Their name, originating from the Spanish word "cuerpo," which means "body," is dedicated to thoughtful production, meaningful ingredients, and the empowerment of women's beauty.

Get the Déesse De La Forêt Revitalizing Facial Oil for $48+ (available in two sizes) and the Rose Blanche Body Polish for $42.

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