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    All The Best Pre–Prime Day Deals On Amazon

    No need to wait for Prime Day because we have deals on smart plugs, coffee warmers, beauty products, and so much more. Plus, keep checking in for more savings.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Amazon's Prime Day is just around the corner but there's no need to wait for some of those epic deals — because they're already here!

    Prime Day goes from June 21st through June 22nd and will include deals on thousands of must-have items, but if you're already itching to see the savings, we've got you covered. Amazon has launched some of their legendary deals early to help you start saving without waiting. 

    Note: to get these deals you have to be a Prime member, so if you aren't already, sign up for a free 30-day trial here.

    1. 33% off, plus an additional 20% off coupon, for a super-soft microfiber three-piece bedding set to keep you comfy and cozy.

    The VCNY Home Nina Collection bedding set on a made bed in taupe

    Promising review: "This comforter is so soft and held up nicely with the first wash. It fits perfectly on my king bed, and the color is even prettier in person!" —Amazon Customer

    Price: $47.99+ (originally $89.99, available in two colors)

    2. 22% off, plus an additional 20% off coupon, for the ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner so you can get into every nook and cranny your car has to offer.

    The ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner and all of it's parts, attachments, and tools

    Comes with three attachments (flathead, extendable, and brush nozzle) for detailing, a carry bag, filter brush, and a spare HEPA filter.

    Promising review: "This thing is awesome! I have a 2018 Dodge Durango that sadly does not have leather seats. I also have three dogs and it is just a nightmare pulling out my extension cord to vacuum my truck. I can now just plug this little guy into my 12v car outlet and I’m good to go! The power in this vacuum is as good as it’s going to get for a car vacuum so if you want extreme suction — buy a shop vac. Also, the attachments are fantastic." —Sally

    Price: $27.99 (originally $44.97)

    3. 10% off a small and discreet but super helpful hanger caddy so you always have a place to put all your unused hangers — finally!

    The hanger caddy filled with hangers

    Promising review: "This little thing works perfectly for my hangers whether plastic or wire. Easy to carry hangers from laundry room to closet." —Tim H.

    Price: $7.19 (originally $7.99)

    4. Save $10 on an Amazon Smart Plug that works with your Alexa devices to add voice control to any outlet — you'll be able to schedule lights, fans, and appliances to turn on and off automatically, or control them remotely when you’re away.


    Promising review: "The best part of these smart plugs is using them to prank my family. I can be anywhere and with the Alex app, I can turn on or off anything plugged into these things. Here are a couple examples of cool things you can do. In a bedroom, hide a super-bright spotlight pointed at the bed (kid, parents, husband/wife, etc) and then simply ask Alexa to turn it on. Boom! In the kitchen, get a blender or something, put all the highest settings on and have it set to on, and then wait until mom is cooking Thanksgiving dinner and super stressed about the turkey, and then ask Alexa to make the magic happen. Got a weirdo relative coming to your house that believes in ghosts? Have them think your place is haunted by turning lights on and off while you're not even home! The fun is endless with these things." —R Teale

    Price: $14.99 (originally $24.99)

    5. Get 21% off a pack of Clean & Clear Day and Night Face Cleansers — you'll get their Citrus Morning Burst Facial Cleanser formulated with Vitamin C and cucumber to help wake up skin in the morning and their relaxing Night Facial Cleanser with sea minerals to help prepare for a restful night. Both are oil-free and hypoallergenic.

    The bottles of the Clean & Clear Day and Night Face Cleansers

    Promising review: "My face was a mess! I tried scrubs, masks, exfoliating brushes, and washes. Nothing seemed to make my skin soft or unclog my pores. This was my last-ditch effort to try and help my skin. I was so skeptical. I first scrubbed my face the usual way, and when this arrived I thought why not wash my face again. Let’s see how 'deep clean' this stuff really is. The water was brown! My skin was glowing. I have been using it twice a day — morning wash in the day, night wash at night. My skin is so much better. So soft, so bright. I hope this stuff never gets discontinued. I need it for the rest of my life. Please and thank you." —The Paulson’s

    Price: $8.52 (originally $10.80)

    6. 41% off an Insignia 24-inch Smart HD Fire TV — yup, it comes with Amazon's Fire TV already in it! So no need for the Fire Stick, just plug it in and link it to your WiFi and you're set to start bingeing away.

    The Insignia 24-inch Smart HD Fire TV with the Amazon TV homepage on display

    Promising review: "I am honestly very pleasantly surprised with how much I like this TV. I put this in the bedroom of my camper and we absolutely love the size (roughly 10 feet away from us). As far as clarity goes, I believe 720 is plenty for this screen size. I’m a bit of a TV snob and the lower clarity is not noticeable in this size. Lastly, I have been very pleased with the WiFi reception of the built-in FireTV. It actually works a lot better than the USB plug-in external Fire Sticks, for whatever reason. Super handy in campgrounds with weak WiFi or when using my phone's hotspot. Great buy!" —Bradley B.

    Price: $99.99 (originally $169.99)

    7. 10% off, plus an additional 5% off coupon, for the Landot Hair Straightener and Curler, a two-in-one twisting hair straightener and curling iron to help give you the perfect care-free wave every time you want it. It has twisted ceramic plates and adjustable temps to make sure you never overheat and damage your hair.


    Promising review: "This is by far the best curler I have ever bought! It took me a few tries to get the hang of it, but it’s worth it in the end. I have pin-straight hair that doesn’t like to hold a curl. Using this, my hair is holding the curls. I love it!!!" —Amazon Customer

    Price: $36.73 (originally $42.96)

    8. Get $15 off when you spend $100 through PrimeWardrobe using promo code PRIMEW15OFF at checkout — not only can you try before you buy, but now you can do it at a discount!

    A person trying on clothes in front of their mirror at home

    Prime Wardrobe allows members to give clothes a proper try-on (for seven days to be exact) before they buy. Just pick up to eight pieces you're interested in, try them on at home, and return the ones you don't like. You'll only be charged for what you decide to keep. There are thousands of pieces available in Prime Wardrobe in sizes for women, men, girls, boys, and babies.

    The discount only applies to first-time users and make sure to use PRIMEW15OFF at check out to get the discount.

    Get all the deets about Prime Wardrobe on Amazon.

    9. Save 30% when you buy two Fire HD 8 Kids Tablets — now's a great time to buy if you have a few kiddos on your gift-giving list this year or if you just so happen to have two in your household that could benefit from a device like this.

    Fire HD 8 Kids tablet with a purple case

    Promising review: "Everything you could ever want in a child’s first device — safe, protective, controllable, durable, entertaining, educational, and the best tech today!" —Gabe

    Price: $97.99 each (originally $139.99 each)

    10. $5 off a pair of wireless, Bluetooth earbuds that also happen to be waterproof, noise-canceling, and have a five to six-hour playing time per charge.

    The earbuds in their charging case

    Promising review: "Thought for the price that I would give these headphones a try. Surprisingly the sound quality is great and they block a fair amount of noise from the outside world. You can answer calls, pause music, skip songs, or adjust the volume using either headphone. Audio comes through both ears for music and phone calls. Not all wireless earphones do that. The headphones do drain quicker than I would like but it only takes 1.5 hours to charge which isn't too bad. They are pretty comfortable and not bad-looking. Overall, I am happy with the purchase." —David E. Klinger Jr.

    Price: $30.99 (originally $35.99, available in two colors)

    11. Save 55% on a Ring Video Doorbell Wired bundle, which includes an Echo Dot (3rd Gen) so you can hear alerts from your door or even talk with whoever is at your door.


    Promising review: "This new ring doorbell is awesome! I had the old one and it was good too but I feel like this one the camera is more clear, and it works super fast!" —Terry

    Price: $44.99 (originally $99.98)

    12. Get $5 off your purchase when you spend $15 or more at an Amazon Go Store between June 2–22 — this might actually make shopping IRL worth it.,

    Just spend $15 or more on a single purchase between June 2–22, 2021 at an Amazon Go location and the discount will automatically be applied. Customers must enter the store with a linked Amazon Prime account to receive the credit. Limit one per customer. Taxes and alcohol do not count toward the $15 minimum. The $5 discount will be automatically applied to qualifying purchases. When you receive the receipt from your transaction, you will see the promotional discount reflected.

    Get all the details and find an Amazon Go Store near you on Amazon.

    13. Up to 23% off an electric VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer perfect for keeping your favorite beverages nice and toasty while you enjoy them. It's designed with auto shut-off and three temperature settings.

    The mug warmer in blue

    Promising review: "Working from home is hectic, I'm always running around with cold coffee. This warmer is a nice color, easy to use, and it keeps my coffee and tea hot enough. I try to start with a VERY HOT cup and keep a lid on it for the best results. It definitely holds heat nicely for a nice slow cup of hot coffee as I work. I like it more than I thought I would." —kk

    Price: $18.57+ (originally $23.99, available in six colors. Mug not included.)

    14. Get a free Echo Dot (3rd gen) when you buy any Adesso smart lighting product making it super easy to always remember to turn the lights off — even if you already forgot.


    Adesso smart lighting products are struggle- and tinker-free lamps and lights with a modern design. They have brushed steel finishes and high-quality white fabric shades. They're designed and set-up so they can be controlled using your Alexa devices.

    Price (for the pendant light): $134.99 (originally $174.98)

    15. 13% off a blackhead vacuum that comes with six probes, an LED Display, megapixel camera (so you can watch your skin as it sucks out all the gross stuff), and that can be recharged with its USB plug.

    The blackhead remover, its box, and the six replaceable tips

    Promising review: "It's a little bulky and hard to hold but once you get your groove it works great. It does struggle to connect to my phone but does eventually connect. My son and I love using it on people and watching what comes out of their faces! Very cool product, the magnification is awesome and it's easy to clean." —christy Patton

    Price: $39.99 (originally $45.99)

    16. 10% off a 23andMe Ancestry and Traits Service kit, a personal genetic DNA test with reporting on over 2000 geographic regions, support filling in your family tree, a DNA relative finder, and a complete trait report all included.

    The 23andMe Ancestry + Traits Service kit

    Promising review: "I bought the kit because my son is adopted and then I thought, what the hell, I'll do my own because I'd like to know how our DNA compares. I was fascinated by our ethnic compositions and was quite pleased to find that we are both 40% Italian and have similar percentages of other shared heritage. My sister also did the test and got her results right after me. Because of that, I found out that she is in fact my HALF SISTER and that the man who I had known as my father for 44 years is not my father, and that my mother had an affair way back when. My siblings are my half-siblings and I may never know who my father is (thanks Mom). Better to know the truth about yourself than to live in darkness. Now begins the journey of finding the missing pieces to my personal puzzle. UPDATE 9/12/19: I paraphrased a bit above. My son is the product of my ex and an anonymous sperm donor (Italian, like me), and I adopted him at birth. My ex was also adopted at birth (sealed adoption 45 years ago) in New York and didn't ever think she would know her birth family. 23andMe has identified my ex's biological family (through my son's DNA), and although she learned that her mother passed away, her extended family has reached out and are happy to have found her. As for my personal discovery about my own biological father, I did learn who the man was (he died 15 years ago) and I learned that I have a half-brother from that man who lives nearby, as well as a half-sister who passed away. I reached out to my half-brother, who didn't want to believe the truth. Things may change when his mother passes away — who knows? What I really learned though is that this whole experience has been invaluable as far as coming to an understanding of myself, and why I always felt 'different' from the three (half) siblings I was raised with. And also, I have learned that no matter how deep you try to bury secrets, they will always come out in the end. WHAT A WILD RIDE!!!" —V. P. Gould

    Price: $88.95 (originally $99)

    17. 38% off a Vybe Flex Percussion Massage Gun, a handheld deep tissue muscle massage gun great for pain relief and relaxation. It comes with three speeds and six attachments.

    The Vybe Flex Percussion Massage Gun

    Promising review: "You don’t know you need one of these bad boys until it shows up at your door. Zero set up, fast charging, and long battery life are the first boxes that get checked. But the big differentiator here is the number of different head types that come with it. It pretty much has an option for every part of your body and every type of muscle ache. I was shocked at how powerful but controlled the vibrations were. If your back, neck, quads, calves, feet, chest every hurt — aka if you are a human, you need one of these ASAP." —Riley Spain

    Price: $74.99 (originally $119.99)

    18. 20% off, plus an additional $4 coupon, on a bamboo cheese board, charcuterie platter, and serving tray great for looking real fancy when guests come over.

    The bamboo cheese board filled with a charcuterie spread

    Promising review: "I really wanted to make a charcuterie board for my book club, it was a big hit! I love the indents on the side. I love how it smells when I rinse it off." —Kels K.

    Price: $15.96 (originally $24.96)

    19. 65% off a Decroom Twin XL mattress pad just in case you're sending anyone off to a college dorm any time soon.

    Decroom Twin XL Mattress Pad on a bed

    Promising review: "I bought this for my dorm room so that my sheets don’t slip as much. It worked really well and it makes me sleep better. It adds enough cushion that makes the mattress more comfortable. I’m glad I purchased this." —Haylee

    Price: $17.99 (originally $51.99)

    20. $10 off the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Bundle in Sky Blue perfect for capturing the moment and then having an actual photo of it.

    The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Bundle  in Sky Blue

    Bundle consists of an Instax mini 11 instant camera, a 10 pack of Instax mini, white-bordered, instant print film, and an Instax photo holder clip stand (holds 8 Instax mini photos).

    Promising review: "My little one just loves her Instax camera. This was a neat little bundle deal to get her started. Her older sister has had one for some time now. So she knows how to use it and just loves it. It was a great gift and the included bundle of film and mount was a nice touch. I highly suggest buying film in bulk and getting the twin packs or larger! Trust me, your kids will blow through the film in no time flat! There are many great cases available on Amazon as well. I bought one that had a removable cover and a strap which makes it easy to carry. My kid lives toting her camera whenever we go on a hike or walks etc. It’s a great little camera to have fun with and capture the moment." —KB

    Price: $78.59 (originally $88.59)

    21. 27% off a sleek Elementi Milk Frother to help you whip up those frothy coffee drinks right at home — it's also a compact design that won't take up too much of your kitchen's limited real estate.

    The Elementi Milk Frother in red

    Promising review: "The best invention since sliced bread. It is powerful and will mix any powder with water easily. Infamama powdered milk is probably the most difficult powdered drink to mix even with water that just boiled when using a spoon, but when we use this frother, nothing is left at the bottom of the mug. This is very durable compared to the cheapies that you buy from Ikea. The wire they used spins smooth and is hard to bend." —A. Arceo

    Price: $10.94 (originally $14.99, available in seven colors)

    22. 20% off, plus an additional 10% off coupon, for a queen-sized weighted blanket designed in a cooling material and with glass beads.

    A personal sleeping under the weighted blanket

    Promising review: "This blanket is very soothing! It's very relaxing at the end of the day. I feel like my energy is becoming calmed and contained when I am stressed out. When I am extra stressed I fold the blanket lengthwise, doubling the weight and lay it over me for the first 15 minutes and my muscles begin to release, almost like a massage." —lamplight

    Price: $43.19 (originally $59.99, available in 11 sizes and 10 colors)

    23. $4 off a stainless-steel Skin Spatula that uses high-frequency vibration to clean blackheads, whiteheads, grease, and dead skin, and makes makeup application that much easier — just make sure and use it on wet skin.


    Promising review: "I never write reviews but I could not pass this one up. I have been fighting with my skin for years! After my last pregnancy, I started developing cystic acne, my skin was congested with oil, whiteheads, blackheads, you name it. All those years of desperately doing my own extractions, trying every mask, cleanser, device, my skin was left scarred and discolored — I hated the texture of my skin. I impulsively bought this and tried it the day it was delivered. I was amazed at how well it extracted all the gunk I could and couldn't see lurking under my skin. I use it every night to cleanse, then apply my serum and moisturizer. I took the first set of photos on 5/27 and still didn't love how my skin looked under makeup. I could tell it was doing something though so I stuck with it. Three days later, I woke up in shock! Took the second set of photos wearing the same makeup (but needed much less). I am finally happy with the way my skin looks and posted a selfie without a filter for the first time since I can remember! Just try it! (All photos were taken in natural light. Must've gotten some cloud cover in the last one. No filters on ANY of them! I'm still in shock!)" —Marlena H.

    Price: $18.99 (originally $22.99).

    24. $15 off a Blink Mini – a compact indoor, plug-in smart security camera that has 1080 HD video, night vision, motion detection, two-way audio, and it works with your Alexa devices.

    The camera sitting on a counter next to an Alexa device

    Promising review: "This is my first home monitoring camera and so far I absolutely love it. I was able to set this up in a blink. The video quality is excellent. There’s a slight lag in the video but doesn’t really present a problem. I connected this to my Echo Show and now I can ask Alexa to show me the camera and it presents it in real-time. I really don’t have any issues with the app and it’s loaded with features so I am going to assume over time it will just get better! I’m so happy with this little camera that I just bought a second one!" —abel

    Price: $19.99 (originally $34.99).

    25. $10 off a 1.5 liter electric kettle because it's about time you stopped warming up your water in the microwave.

    A graphic of the electric kettle showing its stainless steel material, wide-opening lid, spout, and filter

    Promising review: "I loooove this kettle! It works phenomenally! It boils my water extremely fast which is great when I need my coffee stat first thing in the morning. I personally use distilled water, which prevents any scaling from occurring on the bottom. I love how fast the water comes to a boil and also how the insulated kettle keeps the water extremely hot for a long time, which is perfect for a second cup of pressed coffee. This can be used for several applications like boiling water for instant mashers or mac and cheese for the kids. Easy clean-up and stores away without taking lots of room. Totally beats boiling a pot of water on the stovetop and having to monitor it the whole time. The kettle automatically turns off when the water comes to a full boil! Amazing product and so happy I got this one! If you’re reading this, buy it!!!" —lorenzo

    Price: $31.99 (originally $41.99)

    26. Spend $10 on a select small business product on Amazon and earn $10 to spend on Prime Day.


    Shop all the eligible small business products here, and get the Swedish dishcloths for $19.95 (originally $24.99).

    27. 26% off a 57-piece first aid kit to always have on hand in the event of any accidents.

    The kit in a carrying case on a desk

    It includes bandages, antiseptic towelettes, gauze, tape, burn cream packets, exam globes, scissors, antibiotic ointment, tweezers, and more!

    Promising review: "I like to be prepared, and I have an awesome, comprehensive kit that I put together myself for my home. I needed an easy kit for the car that would not break the bank, and this kit seemed to fit the bill. I was pleasantly surprised of all the goodies it contains considering the size and price point. You will not be disappointed!" —Kat J

    Price: $15.92 (originally $21.41)

    28. Up to 50% off a pair of Skullcandy wireless earbuds designed to have up to 16 hours of battery life — yupp 16 hours!

    Four models with the black earbuds in their ears

    Promising review: "I will admit, I got these on a whim checking to see if they were worth anything since the price was so much lower than other highly recommend similar products. I got these and put them through a huge test. First off...super easy to set up on my Note 9. Took a run around two blocks and left phone at played seamlessly. Mowed the yard and they kept up. Then took a two-hour drive without charging and let me just say here yes the bass is phenomenal! Had to charge in case before a two-hour excursion via kayak...yep they got wet but still work perfectly. A little lapse on the phone calls but hey...I have experienced worse with more expensive buds. Overall I am so glad I took a chance on these, have been wondering if they lived up to my kid's Apple ones and even she agrees...mine sound and fit better!!" —MN Junebug

    Price: $41.83+ (available in seven colors)

    29. 22% off a three-pack of Burt's Bees facial cleansing towelettes so you can gently remove all your makeup.

    Three of the resealable packs

    Promising review: "It is what it says. For sensitive skin. But you don’t have to have sensitive skin to want to use these. Other make up wipes are really harsh on your skin, while these aren’t so much. I see them in the store but they’re more expensive than the other ones, I got these with a Prime Day sale to try them out. Now I’m going to be spending the extra money to get these instead of the other ones." —Stef Bee

    Price: $13.96 (originally $17.97)

    30. 14% off a pack of Affresh washing machine tablets to help kill that odd smell and kinda gross buildup that can happen inside your appliance.

    Promising review: "The instructions are really simple, toss one tablet in to clean your washer once a month. I appreciate the ease of how it freshens my washing machine. I make sure that when I use it, I also clean out the bottom trap that becomes stinky, and I wipe the rubber seal rings with bleach to make sure all of the mold that could build-up doesn’t get much of a chance to start. Every time I use this, someone comes to tell me there’s a problem with the machine because the Affresh tablet, which is pretty chunky and heavy is going ‘clunk, clunk, clunk’ in the washer and they think something is wrong. But there is never any problem and it always does a good job of refreshing my machine. This is a product I’ve trusted for a while since it does a good job, and I appreciate the way my washer is cleaned after its use. One of my favorites that I added to my Subscribe and Save plan because of that!" —Marina

    Price: $9.98 for a pack of five (originally $11.65).

    31. 25% off a microplane foot file to easily remove that dry cracked skin from your feet.

    A series of customer review photos showing their heel before and after using the file

    Promising review: "I don't know how I lived without this. My heels have been very dry. I used foot peels to help shed some of the dead skin but it doesn't compare to this file. It's the real deal — but be careful it's easy to knick yourself. The shape is great, except it's too big to get near toes. I recommend reading the instructions as they mention soaking your feet before use. Again, quality product for the price." —Joan M

    Price: $7.47 (originally $9.97).

    32. Up to 40% off a set of luxuriously soft Mellanni bed sheet set that are so amazing, so comfy, so fantastic, they have nearly 168 THOUSAND 5-star reviews on Amazon — also I have these and they're awesome.


    Promising review: "I am a self proclaimed sheet snob. If it wasn’t at least 600-thread count Egyptian cotton, I was not interested. But being at the age where I get hot flashes and night sweats, and have teenage children who use Proactiv, I read the many reviews and thought, 'Why not? These are inexpensive and are peroxide resistant.' Oh my word. I’m telling you I have not slept so well in my 51 years than I have on these super soft, comfortable sheets. I ended up ordering them for all of our beds. Guests comment on how nice they are and how they keep them comfy, yet cool (no more night sweats with these!) Seriously, you need to try them because they are truly THAT GOOD! I LOVE these sheets!" —MomofFour

    Price: $24.70+ (originally $42.97, available in twin XL, split king, twin-California king, and in 42 colors/patterns).

    33. Up to 15% off Chef's Path Airtight Food Storage Containers Sets to have your kitchen in tip-top organizational shape.

    The food storage set properly labeled on a kitchen counter

    Promising review: "The ROLLS ROYCE of food storage! 💖💖 Absolutely love these containers!! Have been searching for a good set for quite some time and am happy I stumbled upon these. I feel these containers are of a higher quality than others and the price is much more affordable. I really like the fact that the lid handles are made up of durable plastic The assortment of sizes is a plus, they’re easy to stack one on another and are rather durable. The locking mechanism works well to seal but not difficult like others I’ve tried to open. The pen, chalkboard labels, and measuring spoon set are a great addition to the set. Everything you might need for a pantry organization has been provided. The sizes of the containers are also just perfect for my needs. I feel like these are really going to hold up well over time and serve as a great staple piece in my pantry. I would definitely make this purchase again and am already thinking about ordering more to make my pantry even more streamlined and organized!" —Manzi

    Price: $22.92 (originally $26.97, for a set of seven)

    Amazon Prime Day is coming!

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