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27 Food-Related Beauty Products That Basically Look Good Enough To Eat

Don't feel guilty when you blow your grocery budget on makeup!

1. A bubble tea sleeping pack that you wear like a mask, leaving it on all night to wake up to glowing skin.

2. A honey pot lip balm for a smile that'll be all the buzz.

3. A pack of cooling pads that'll help relieve your tired, puffy eyes.

4. A mask and exfoliant made of all-natural ingredients that are actually good enough to eat and will help rejuvenate your skin with just a tiny sprinkling.

5. An egg mousse pack that'll smooth out your skin in just five minutes and soap that'll whip-up a clean, radiant glow.

6. A pack of cooling pads that'll have your eyes looking as young as Strawberry Shortcake.

7. An all-natural doughnut soap that'll make eating in the shower is totally acceptable.*

8. An eggcellent soap to help clear your blackheads.

9. A hand cream shaped like a chocopie that won't disappear in five seconds.

10. A highly nourishing hair pack and sleeping pack for when your locks are feeling dry and damaged.

11. A soap that's as easy as pie.

12. A strawberry mask and honey mask you can spread on your face (not your toast) that are enriched with minerals to bring your skin back to life.

13. Some reusable, microwaveable, freezable gel pads to help you deal with everything from puffy eyes to migraines.

14. A deep moisturizing sleep pack for dry, flaky skin that's starting to peel.

15. A wine lip tint that you can match to whatever blend you'll be drinking.

16. Some Dippin' Dots lip balm that's really the lip balm of the future.

17. An illuminator that won't cake your face.

18. A coconut water face mask because after a long night, your face needs hydration too.

19. A hand cream for a moisturized touch and delightful smell.

20. A set of bath bombs that'll turn your bathroom into an artisanal bakery.

21. An eye shadow palette that holds the golden ticket for getting you that smokey eye look.

22. A lip balm set for those days when you want a tasty shine.

23. A soap so good that you'll scream, I'll scream, we'll all scream for it.

24. A massage pack that'll get you moisturized from your head down tomatoes.

25. A fruit tart soap that's too pretty to actually use.

26. A set of whipped lip tint for your friend who is always wine-ing about their chapped lips.

27. And a primer to seriously make your skin look pore-less, and that's no yolk.

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