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22 Products For Your Bedroom That Are Basically From The Future

Your robot butler is only a click away!

1. A nightlight that is secretly a charger for all your devices.

2. A tablet stand that holds your device while you lie, hands-free, in bed.

3. A mattress cover that keeps your bed warm, gently wakes you up, and syncs with your coffee maker to start brewing when it senses you getting out of bed.

4. A sound machine that'll give you all the noise you need for a peaceful night's sleep.

5. A Wi-Fi extender that'll make your bed an actual hotspot.

6. A Wi-Fi-enabled smart plug that lets you control anything you plug in through your phone.

7. A motorized curtain rod so you can close the shades with a push of a button.

8. A nightstand that'll start charging your phone the second you put it down.

9. A remote-controlled robot so that you can finally have a butler of your very own.

10. A lightbulb what works with your phone to set the perfect mood.

11. Or a light therapy lamp that'll help your mood on those dreary days.

12. A pillow that always stays cool (and smells like lavender).

13. A wireless light switch that you can place anywhere and control with your phone.

14. An alarm clock that simulates the sunrise, so that waking up (at any time) feels totally natural.

15. A wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detector that sends alerts to your phone.

16. A vibrator that you (or whoever you want) can control through your phone.

17. A sleep sensor and monitor that tracks your sleeping patterns to help you figure out how to get the best night's sleep.

18. Or a complete sleep system that tracks your sleeping patterns, monitors your sleep quality, and wakes you up with dedicated light and music programs.

19. A projector that'll make binge-watching Netflix in bed a lot more awesome!

20. A mood light that works with a single touch.

21. A thermostat you can control with your phone so that your home is always the perfect temperature.

22. And a touchless lube machine that'll heat up and dispense the perfect amount each time.

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