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    38 Things You'll Totally Want To Buy From Nordstrom's Summer Sale

    Nordies is currently in the midst of their Summer Sale and OMG! OMG! OMG! SO. MUCH. CUTE. STUFF.

    1. A floral sundress you can throw on with your favorite denim or leather jacket for transitioning to fall.

    2. A pair of crystal drop earrings so you have the perfect accessory to add a much needed pop of color.

    3. A ruffled-sleeve T-shirt for your favorite pair of high-waisted skinny jeans.

    4. A faux-leather crossbody bag that'll actually fit all your stuff.

    5. A Kate Spade embroidered top, because it's just so damn pretty.

    7. A velvet bomber jacket that's just luxurious AF.

    8. A lightweight J. Crew wool sweater vest, because you're about to give preppy a whole new meaning.

    9. And a Levi's parachute vest you'll be able to layer in a million different ways.

    10. A pair of short Hunter rain boots for all those rainy days when you just need a cute boot that doesn't define your whole look.

    11. A peplum tank to serve as that favorite top you'll wear over and over again.

    12. A maxi shirt dress you'll wear on your next date night.

    13. A pair of cropped jeans that feel and look like they cost way more than they actually do.

    14. An open back dress you won't ever want to take off, because it's so gorgeous and pretty and just so freakin' classy.

    15. A simple slip dress that you can easily layer for chilly fall nights.

    16. A super cozy cashmere wrap, because nothing feels better than cashmere β€” except cashmere you got on sale!

    17. A pair of block-heel slides so you have some comfy shoes to wear on those days when you actually decide to venture out in heels.

    18. A cold shoulder floral blouse.

    19. Or a ruffled cold shoulder blouseβ€”it's sure to become your go-to work shirt.

    20. A Kate Spade iPhone 7 case, because good things DO come in small packages β€” they also come painted on the back of phone cases.

    21. A ruffled sleeve blouse everyone will want to borrow from you... but you'll have to say no, because it's yours!

    22. A pair of retro-style sunnies; just because it's almost fall doesn't mean people don't need shade. I mean, God knows I'll be giving it.

    23. A camo anorak so you can be invisible β€” like one minute you'll be there and then you'll put the jacket on and everyone will be like, "where did they go?"

    24. A T-shirt dress that's actually flattering.

    25. A flowing tunic so you can turn every sidewalk into your runway.

    26. A flutter sleeve top for adding a little volume to your T-shirt and jeans look.

    27. A floral maxi dress, because you've mastered that "I'm a whimsical supermodel" walk and this dress will prove it.

    28. A pair of strappy heels that are just a velvety wonder.

    29. A crepe top you can get in six different colors, so no matter what you want to wear on bottom, this top will totally match.

    30. A pair of split-hem jeans if you're just not ready to commit to a full-on flare.

    31. A floral minidress you'll throw on when you accidentally press snooze 18 times in the morning and only have 47 seconds to get ready.

    32. A v-neck blouse that is literally the best work shirt ever. Just throw a blazer on over it and BAM! You're basically the boss.

    33. A cute AF ruffle top for when you feel like owning that bohemian-chic look.

    34. A pair of reflective sunnies to cover up mascara runs after you've watched one too many puppy videos online.

    35. A wool-blend military coat, because like all those Game of Thrones advertisements said, winter is coming.

    36. A pair of high-wasted skinny jeans you'll probably live in and never want to take off.

    37. A sweatshirt that's all business on the sleeves... but lazy and Netflix-binging in the center.

    Looking at all the cute stuff they have on sale has me like...