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    42 Gifts From Nordstrom For Every Single Person On Your List

    Your one-stop shop for all your holiday needs — and maybe a few other things.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A plush hooded robe that'll be the only monster they aren't afraid of.

    Price: $45. Available in children's sizes 2-20.

    2. A limited-edition collection of La Mer's most popular products, including their Crème de la Mer moisturizing cream, treatment lotion, and eye concentrate to help hydrate, rejuvenate, and give your skin a youthful glow.

    Promising Review: "I saw this and decided to order it for myself as an early Christmas present. I wouldn't even let my husband wrap it for me. I wanted to use it now! I love the way my skin feels after using La Mer. My skin has a tendency to be dry in the winter so I am loving the softness it brings. I plan on using it forever!" —Scarjo

    Price: $85

    3. A canvas tote perfectly sized to fit their favorite bottle of wine or champagne, making it an ideal hostess gift.

    Price: $25

    4. Uggs for everyone in the whole family — tiny booties for your adorable newborn nephew, a pair of rubber soled slippers for your dad who always complains about how cold his feet are, or some slip on slippers for your mom who is always running around the house.

    Prices: Keelan Genuine Shearling Baby Bootie for $49.95 (available in children's sizes 0-5 months), Genuine Shearling Slipper for $119.95 (available in women's sizes 5-12 and in three colors), and the Ascot Suede Slipper for $109.95 (available in men's sizes 7-18 and in five colors).

    5. A long and cozy sweater to curl up with while you sip your favorite holiday cocktail and listen to the crackling of a roaring fire.

    Promising Review: "I had seen several bloggers wearing this sweater and because of the overall fit and appearance I decided to order it. I was not disappointed. It is even more beautiful in person! It can be worn casually with jeans or dressed up for work. I love the feel and the fit. It is a great addition to my closet!" —AmyMP88

    Price: $47.40 (originally $79). Available in four colors and in sizes XS-XL.

    6. A fleece-lined plaid shirt jacket for anyone looking to add warmth but not layers.

    Price: $99. Available in three colors and in sizes S-XXL.

    7. A durable AF leather passport holder that'll hold everything you need to get the f#@% outta here.

    Price: $45

    8. A stunning pair of shoulder-length earrings to add that pop of color a cold winter so desperately needs.

    Promising Review: "These are a stunning piece of jewelry. The bright color is a fun statement to toss on with a T-shirt and jeans." —MIDIBU

    Price: $48. Available in four colors.

    9. A magical AF kit with 40 props and 35 tricks to help you (or your kiddos) become the biggest act Vegas has ever seen.

    Price: $29.99

    10. A pair of stemless copper plated glasses to help bring a little extra cheer to your eggnog this holiday season.

    Price: $40

    11. A three-pack of socks that'll be, without a doubt, a total thriller.

    Price: $55

    12. A gift set of delicious treats like gummy bears, dark chocolate bars, chocolate-covered sea salt caramels and a bunch of other goodies so you can give in to your sweet tooth.

    Price: $49

    13. A machine-washable monogrammed throw blanket, because you're sick of Netflix and chilling — you want to Netflix and be warm damn, it!

    Price: $59. Available in every letter.

    14. A super soft beanie with built-in headphones so you don't have to worry about how you're gonna listen to music when it's cold out.

    Promising Review: "My 12-year-old daughter loves this hat. It's fun, looks great, and it sounds good too. Very soft and definitely worth the money." –skyesmom04

    Price: $38. Available in six colors.

    15. A pair of sparkly AF Kate Spade earrings to help you add a little something-something to your holiday lewk.

    Promising Review: "These earrings are the perfect gift for people who are hard to buy for; they come in different colors to compliment all complexions. They are beautifully made, a classic shape, and a classy, well-priced gift." —CerritosFan

    Price: $32. Available in three colors.

    16. A relaxing set with a soft AF eye mask and illuminating collagen eye patches to get gorgeous and rested eyes.

    Price: $25

    17. An adorable and delicate monogram keepsake box to store all your favorite little pieces.

    Price: $52. Availble in every letter.

    18. A green color-changing lipstick that'll use your pH level to make sure you get a stunning pink lip, no matter what.

    Price: $16

    19. A chic print filled with all the legendary fashion icons, because your home deserves to be as stylish as you are.

    Price: $75

    20. A pair of little Hunter rainboots for the tiny human in your life.

    Promising Review: "We love these boots! My daughter loves when she can match her mommy! We always go up a size and usually can get two seasons out of them. Great purchase!" —TiffKick

    Price: $55. Available in children's sizes 5M-13M and in three colors.

    21. A gorgeous and sophisticated aromatherapy diffuser designed with a built-in timer and automatic shut-off. Just add water and the essential oil of your choice to have a wonderfully relaxing and fragrant room.

    Promising Review: "My husband and I love this diffuser! I love how it has a timer and is very easy to use. The colors change, which is also an awesome feature! The white cut-out part is ceramic and lightweight; it lifts off and you fill the center with water/essential oils. It does not make any loud noises so it makes a wonderful addition to our living room!" —LoveShayda

    Price: $69.99

    22. A super cute Fitbit Flex 2 bangle that'll hold and disguise your Flex 2 activity tracker while looking totally stylish.

    Promising Review: "LOVE this bracelet. So light and easy to wear. I wear it both for fitness and everyday work or nights out. I prefer this bangle to other fitness bracelet options! I would highly recommend it!" —Princess28

    Price: $59.98 (originally $89.95). Available in three colors.

    23. A fun and imagination-inspiring arts and crafts kit with over 1,200 supplies including beads, sequins, fuzzy sticks, pompoms, felt pieces, wooden dowels, floss, googly eyes, sticker-back jewels, wooden discs, craft sticks, scissors, needles and glue for anyone who just loves to DIY.

    Promising Review: "THIS IS A DEAL. I go to the craft store all the time and no way in high heaven would you be able to get all this stuff (in quantity, quality, or variety), and it's organized to boot. The carrying case is sturdy and the thing just begs to be used. The kids can't keep their hands off of it and they are really spoiled children so that should tell you something." —NinaDugan

    Price: $39.99

    24. A deliciously fancy Sugarfina Bento Box full of Champagne Bears, Sparkle Pops, and Bubbly Bears to enjoy your sweet treats in the lap of luxury.

    Price: $28

    25. A pair of cozy champagne-printed flannel pajamas so you have your Christmas morning outfit all figured out.

    Promising Review: "I get a new pair of these PJs every Christmas. It’s become a family tradition. My daughter and I each pick out our favorite pattern for the year and open them up on Christmas Eve. They never disappoint in style, size, or fit." —Judygwen

    Price: $62. Available in 12 prints.

    26. A faux leather duffle bag for all your quick holiday getaways this winter.

    Promising Review: "This bag is nice and spacious — plenty of room for a few days away. The color is gorgeous. The lining is a sort of animal print. And although it's not real leather, it still looks very nice and a great option if you don't want to pay for a full leather duffel." —JulieL93

    Price: $84.95

    27. A vibrating bedtime soother designed with a Bluetooth-enabled remote, a timed nightlight and vibrations that gently fade, and a parental lock so getting your baby to bed is a little easier.

    Promising Review: "I got this for my nephew and my sister says he loves this product and she has to take it everywhere! I won AUNTIE OF THE YEAR! This product gives parent’s a break from a child with a hard time sleeping on their own or has colic! My nephew has both." —8325

    Price: $79.99

    28. A magical Diptyque candle scented like fir needles, hinoki, and mint to help your home smell like the holidays.

    Promising Review: "Love love love Diptyque candles! This one is particularly yummy, and the unicorn is the perfect graphic for a limited edition. I will be keeping the glass as a drinking vessel when the candle is gone. Perfect holiday fragrance." —lhlatx

    Price: $70

    29. A pair of handcrafted mismatched earrings so your accessories game looks like it belongs in a modern art museum.

    Price: $70

    30. A set of glass coasters etched with your home state, because no matter where you are, you'll always have a little piece of home with you.

    Promising Review: "I bought the South Carolina ones for my best friend's birthday and she ADORES them! Said they're classy and look way fancier than the price tag would describe. Considering buying them in my home state!" —EmilyinNewYork

    Price: $38. Available in all 50 states.

    31. A pair of festive pointy-toe mules for a perfect and super easy to wear holiday shoe.

    32. A practical AF Longchamp nylon and leather backpack to help you lug around all those things you just can't leave the house without.

    Promising Review: "My daughter is a world traveler and loves this backpack for hauling back her 'finds'. This one is absolutely perfect! I was shocked at the tiny size it folded into, the extremely light weight of it, and the color (I bought red) is amazing! Bright and classy." —DogMom2018

    Price: $83.75 (originally $125). Available in four colors.

    33. A water-resistant Barbour jacket, because the Queen of England wears Barbour, so maybe you should too?

    Price: $249. Available in sizes S-XXL and in two colors.

    34. A plush set of cute toys for the future athlete who you don't want to forget you once they hit it big — gotta ride somebody's coattails.

    Promising Review: "Very cute! It’s super soft and great for infants. Items are smaller and scaled to the baby. I don’t think you can really go wrong here with this purchase." —ahwang

    Price: $18.75 (originally $25).

    35. An engraved 18k gold plated cuff that'll love you to the moon and back.

    Promising Review: "This is a phrase that I have always used with my daughter. The bracelet is beautiful, and I know my daughter will cherish it for years to come." —RoniS

    Price: $35

    36. A mother f#@%ing Dyson Supersonic hair dryer designed to give high-velocity airflow so your hair dries faster without causing heat damage.

    Use the magnetic attachments so you can adjust your dryer quickly and easily. It comes with a diffuser engineered to help reduce frizz and improve definition, a nearly silent motor, and negative ions to help eliminate static. This hairdryer is no joke. It's basically the hair-dryer of the future! Check out our in-depth review here!

    Promising Review: "Amazing! I went from seven minutes down to less than three with this tool. Had two T3’s prior, so investing in a hair dryer was not foreign to me. The $1.26 per day is totally worth it!" —KVic

    Price: $399.99

    37. A golden choker you'll buy to wear to all your holiday gatherings but will end up wearing throughout the entire year.

    Promising Review: "I bought this necklace as a gift for a woman in her mid-30's. She loved it. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry and priced right. The quality is very good." —djinov

    Price: $42

    38. A cozy colorblock turtleneck for all those chilly winter mornings when you don't want to freeze to death but still want to look put together.

    Price: $99. Available in two colors and in sizes XXS-XL and petite sizes XXS-L.

    39. A jeweled cat ear beanie I'm pawsitive will keep you warm all winter.

    Promising Review: "I ordered the beanie for my daughter at Christmas time and she wears it all the time. I thought for sure the glued ears would unglue right away, but they are still in tacked. A wonderful addition to the collection of unique beanies my daughter loves." —MKLadyLezcano

    Price: $28. Available in three colors.

    40. A Kokeshi Doll designed to look like Ziggy, the guy who played guitar and really sang.

    Price: $42

    41. A leather Rebecca Minkoff crossbody bag that'll be totally worth the splurge because it'll quickly become your every day, I cannot-leave-the-house-without-it bag.

    Promising Review: "Great quality and perfect size. I wanted a crossbody that was medium size and could also be used as a ladylike bag without the chain. Exactly what I wanted and a great value." —Kshort

    Price: $295. Available in five colors.

    42. A iPhone 7 and 7 Plus leather case with a very practical little pocket so you don't have to lug around everything, and the kitchen sink, when you just need to run out of the house.

    Promising Review: "I have owned a lot of iPhone cases and this is definitely as good as it gets as far as quality materials and protection without adding bulk. Super sleek, nice leather, holds card securely etc." —WWTY

    Price: $49.99. Available in two colors.

    You IRL realizing you don't have to actually go anywhere to get all your holiday shopping done.

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