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    All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

    Deals on card games, cord organizers, tulle dresses, and more!

    1. 47% off some Hempz Herbal body moisturizer 'cause happy 420.

    2. 82% off a leather cord organizer.

    3. 12% off a 25 pack of Magical Flames to turn your summer camp fire into a colorful occasion.

    4. Up to 54% off vintage-inspired high-waisted bikinis.

    5. 60% off an air vent magnetic mount holder for your car.

    6. 73% off a12 piece eye brush set.

    7. 59% off a gap cleaning brush.

    8. 30% off a kimono-style robe.

    9. 17% off the Humanity Hates Trump card game.

    10. 65% off an eye gel that'll help fight dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, and bags.

    11. 52% off a two-tier corner cabinet organizer.

    12. 13% off a mini hand-held hummingbird feeder.

    13. 44% off a set of four adorable floral print canvas bags that'll store your pens, phone, or cosmetics.

    14. 45% off an adorable insulated monkey backpack.

    15. 49% off a multi-tier pet drinking fountain.

    16. 35% off a TubShroom that'll catch all the hair falling down your drain before it clogs it.

    17. And 33% of this gorgeous tulle dress.

    Happy Shopping!