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    33 Absolutely Adorable Things For Kids At Nordstrom's Fall Sale

    You're gonna have the best-dressed kid on the block!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    It's that magical time of year when the leaves change, everything you eat is spiced with pumpkin, and Nordstrom has their fall sale! Check out some of the overwhelmingly adorable children's pieces you can score awesome deals on.

    You can check out alllllllll the deals here.

    1. 40% off a dashing shirt with matching bow tie and pocket square that'll let the world know just how dapper your kid is.

    Price: $38.96 (originally $64.95). Available in sizes 14-18.

    2. 33% off a pair of Nike Roshe running sneakers you've actually wanted for yourself but your kids deserve the most so they'll get them instead.

    Promising Review: "Great shoes for my toddler! He loves them, and they're easy to get on and take off. Thet run true to size!" —CLLP

    Price: $32.16+ (originally $48+). Available in sizes 4M-10M, 10.5M-3M, and in two colors.

    3. 40% off a cozy cotton-blend cardigan so they can be the best-dressed kid in school.

    Price: $29.40 (originally $49). Available in sizes 7-16.

    4. 40% off a tweed shift dress, because how else will Uncle Karl know that they're a fashion muse in the making?

    Price: $34.80 (originally $58). Available in sizes 7-14.

    5. 40% off a long-sleeve cotton romper to remind you not to feed the wildlife.

    Price: $17.96 (originally $29.95). Available in sizes 0-9M.

    6. 33% off a fit and flare dress with delightful metallic button details for your toddler's next brunch date.

    Price: $56 (originally $84). Available in sizes 2Y-12Y and in white.

    7. 40% off a pair of f#@%ing ridiculously tiny slip-on TOMS slip-ons that, despite their size, still make a big impact.

    Promising Review: "I got these for my daughter when I saw they were glow-in-the-dark! They really light-up, sometimes even when it's not dark! The fit is good and they are super comfortable!" —AnaDo

    Price: $21.57 (originally $35.95). Available in sizes 2M-11M and in three color options.

    8. 40% off a gorgeous embroidered dress with an elegant chiffon overlay so they're red carpet-ready — even if that red card is just your old bathmat laid out in your hallway and the paparazzi is you with your phone.

    Promising Review: "Delicate dress that's excellent quality — great details like the velvet ribbon around the waist. The fit is correct. Perfect for a special occasion." —Indigo88

    Price: $113.40 (originally $189). Available in sizes 4-12.

    9. 40% off terry sweatshirt that'll be an essential part of their travel OOTD.

    Price: $23.98 (originally $40). Available in sizes 7-8.

    10. 40% off a professional AF vest and pant set they can wear to their next very important business meeting.

    Promising Review: "Very nicely made with great detail. Perfect for a wedding or other dress-up occasion. True to size, but possibly a little small fitting. The boy who wore this is very slender so it was perfect." —Nana2299

    Price: $49.49 (originally $82.50). Available in sizes 4-7.

    11. 40% off a faux-fur pom headband, because they've never been one to wear bland accessories.

    Price: $7.80 (originally $13).

    12. 40% off a soft cotton backpack onesie that won't let them carry any of their stuff... but then again, that's what you're for.

    Price: $11.98 (originally $20). Available in sizes 0-6M.

    13. 40% off a pair of colorful old skool Vans so they can get that street style look before dinner time.

    Price: $23.96 (originally $39.95). Available in sizes 4M-13M.

    14. 40% off a heathered T-shirt that'll teach people walking behind them all about the magnificent universe we call home — and teach the people approaching them that they're the center of said universe.

    Price: $16.80 (originally $28). Available in sizes 3M-12M.

    15. 40% off a cotton printed button up so they can personify the laid-back, care-free life they get to live.

    Price: $26.98 (originally $45). Available in sizes 10-12.

    16. 40% off a sapphire blue velvet dress with cutout straps and a full, twirly skirt that'll surely make them the life of the party (like they weren't already)!

    Price: $28.80 (originally $48). Available in sizes 8-14.

    17. 40% off a 3D molded Stormtrooper backpack, because maybe their name is Luke and maybe you're their father.

    Price: $36 (originally $60).

    18. 35% off that lightweight herringbone bomber jacket they've been giraffing you crazy about.

    Price: $56 (originally $88). Available in sizes 2Y-10Y.

    19. 40% off a plaid dress shirt so they can look a little put together when they go visit your mother-in-law.

    Price: $26.98 (originally $45). Available in sizes 4-7.

    20. 40% off a pair of Puma sneakers with a perfectly placed oversized bow and a glossy patent finish.

    Promising Review: "My daughter really likes these shoes. They slip on easily and are comfortable for her to wear. She gets a ton of compliments on them." —jinco

    Price: $35.98 (originally $60). Available in sizes 10.5M-2.5.

    21. 40% off a fleece lined bear romper with tiny ears and fold-over mittens so they can comfortably hybernate all winter long.

    Price: $50.98 (originally $85). Available in sizes 12M-18M.

    22. 5% off on the tiniest pair of quilted leather Reebok classic gum sneakers that have a cushioned footbed so every one one of their first steps is made with ease.

    Price: $37.99 (originally $41.95). Available in sizes 4M-10M.

    23. 40% off a flannel hooded jacket to match the one you have in your closet.

    Promising Review: "Purchased this for one nephew and ended up getting another. It was super comfortable and lightweight enough that the boys will actually wear it." —Kylita

    Price: $32.70 (originally $54.50). Available in size 8.

    24. 40% off a plaid silk tie, because they say dress for the job you want — and you want your kid to become the coolest professor Stanford has ever known.

    Price: $17.70 (originally $29.50).

    25. 25% off a pair of slip-on Stuart Weitzman glitter platforms so they can begin their designer shoe collection, one glittery footstep at a time.

    Promising Review: "OMG! These are too adorable. The smooth white platform sole with the ombré gold to silver is to die for. Although they run pretty true to size, they're extremely narrow. Once broken in, I'm sure the shoes will be much easier to slide on. I wish they were made in adult sizes — definitely worth the investment!" —PManders

    Price: $47.98 (originally $64). Available in sizes 11M-5M.

    26. 40% off a set of comfy cotton pajamas that'll have them really going places in their dreams.

    Promising Review: "These are such a fun print, fit great, and super soft!" —jmar

    Price: $25.49 (originally $42.50). Available in sizes 6-8.

    27. 40% off a pair of Levi's cropped girlfriend jeans with a slim cut, reverse piecing hems, and just enough cool factor to make you realize how old you are.

    Price: $14.98 (originally $24.99). Available in sizes 7-12.

    28. 25% off a pair of suede TOMS booties designed with a beautiful geo-print design at the heel.

    Promising Review: "My seven-year-old daughter loves her new shoes and wears them every day! They're trendy enough that she feels a little more grown up but still looks precious when paired with her dresses and skorts for school. She's never once complained about blisters or pains so they must be very comfortable!" —MS01776

    Price: $51.71 (originally $68.95). Available in sizes 12M-6M.

    29. 40% off a cotton-jersey hooded romper you kinda wish they made in your size.

    Price: $15.60 (originally $26). Available in size 9M.

    30. 40% off a set of chinos and suspenders they can use to hold their pants up and to look like a dapper southern gentlemen.

    Price: $50.96 (originally $84.95). Available in sizes 7-18.

    31. 40% off a knit varsity jacket to have on hand just in case they end up anything like you and never actually play any sports.

    Promising Review: "I bought two for my grandsons. They are beautiful and lightweight enough not to overwhelm them. They should be perfect for the 'winter' here in Las Vegas." —LastingLove

    Price: $29.40+ (originally $49+). Available in sizes 3T-20.

    32. 35% off a battery-powered Mercedes designed to speed down the roadway at a whopping four miles per hour, light up the speedway with LED lights, stay safe with an adjustable seat belt, rock out with the MP3 player input, and use their steering wheel to produce the sound of an engine. Next stop, the Fast and Furious franchise.

    Price: $269.44 (originally $445).

    33. And 40% off a cozy wool Burberry coat, because why the fuck not.

    Price: $269.98 (originally $450). Available in size 9M.

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    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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