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    15 Futuristic Home Products That Are So Cool They're Kinda Scary

    Get back to the future right now.

    1. This device that turns any surface into a remote control:

    2. This bag that’ll do your laundry:

    3. This fork with Bluetooth:

    4. A transparent TV:

    5. A robotic bartender:

    6. This selfie toaster:

    7. An in-bed tablet stand:

    8. A Crock-Pot with wi-fi:

    9. An air conditioner for your desk:

    10. This wall art:

    11. A bathroom fan with Bluetooth and LED lighting:

    12. Devices that are touchless:

    13. Some smart light bulbs:

    14. This self-sterilizing door handle:

    15. And a refrigerator that stores your grocery list and tells you when you're eating too much:

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