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    12 Times Musicians Went Above And Beyond For Their Biggest Fans

    A countdown of celebs who will restore your faith in pop culture.

    12. Justin Timberlake gave a young fan an emotional memory he'll never forget.

    A 10-year-old fan gave Justin a bow-tie wrapped up in a box during a stop in New York for the 2014 "Suit & Tie" tour. Touched by the gift, Justin repaid the favor in a major way: “I love you little guy," he gushed into the microphone. “You’re the coolest dude here!” He then proceeded to get choked up in the most adorable way possible. It was a special moment that the little guy (and the rest of that night's crowd) will treasure for a lifetime.

    11. Lady Gaga knows how to get to earn her fans' undying affection: Pizza!

    While promoting her album The Fame Monster, Gaga spent $1,000 on pizza for fans who spent all night waiting outside a Best Buy to meet her. She announced her present with a tweet, writing "I hope you're hungry ... eat up I love u!" It was an isolated incident, either. Mother Monster regularly treats hungry fans waiting to meet her with snacks.

    10. Justin Bieber answered a fan's tweet IRL — and then bought her an iPhone.


    You read that correctly, Justin Bieber surprised a fan who tweeted at him from an Apple Store in New York City with a visit and an iPhone 5.

    9. Selena Gomez gave her fans a lift.

    In February 2013, Selena gave a trio of fans a ride in her SUV after paparazzi outside the Los Angeles International Airport prevented them from meeting her.

    8. Miley Cyrus hired her biggest fan.

    When the "We Can't Stop" singer was rebooting her career in 2013, she actually hired a mega-fan to be her personal assistant. "She’s really amazing," Cyrus explained during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, "I bet she gets more annoyed with me than I get of her because I just hit her up all the time."

    7. Demi Lovato surprised her fans during the making of the "I Really Don't Care" video.

    They thought they were just going to sing and dance to their favorite songs, but Demi actually had a more fun meet-and-greet idea in mind.

    6. Maroon 5 crashed a bunch of weddings and it was actually really sweet.

    The music video for the band's single "Sugar" features the guys surprising fans on their wedding day! It was a gift those fans will surely cherish for many anniversaries to come.

    5. Carrie Underwood donates her profits, A LOT.

    During her Blown Away tour in 2012, she not only donated $1 from each ticket to the Red Cross, but she also donated the entire profits back to the NJ community to help Hurricane Sandy victims during a show in Atlantic City, NJ. She's no stranger to doing these kind acts. During a show in Des Moines, Iowa, she lost her voice and promised to donate all her profits from that night back to the community.

    4. Drake makes dreams come true every night on stage.

    Have you ever dreamed of standing on stage with Drake while he holds your hand, looks into your eyes, and sings "Hold On We're Going Home"? You're not alone and if you're lucky, it just might happen. He's notorious for bringing fans on stage and bringing their fantasies to life. Watch him get his serenade on in Atlanta. And Oakland. And in DC for good measure.

    3. Nicki Minaj gives her fans a chance to share the spotlight.

    2. Ed Sheeran brought his show to a sick fan who couldn't make it to his concert.

    Jess Wright was diagnosed with leukemia two weeks after purchasing tickets to Sheeran's show. When the "Thinking Out Loud" singer heard about this, he made time in his busy schedule to visit her in hospital and give her a private concert.

    1. Every time Taylor Swift has ever interacted with her beloved Swifties.

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    Nobody shows their fans the love like Taylor Swift. The singer makes time to attend their parties, give them gifts, invite them to her shows or even bring them over to her place to just, like, hang out! The lovefest reached its peak in 2014 when Swiftmas became a thing. The pop star did some serious social media stalking, studying up about her fans, and then send them personalized gifts. Watch Swiftmas in action and experience the hurricane of crying fans.