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19 Valuable Life Lessons You Learned From Pete Wentz

Happy birthday to our favorite pop-punk hunk!

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2. To perfect your smizing it's best to start at a young age.

3. But it's also important to have other ~lewks~ to show you're versatile.

This one is called "concerned but still sexy kitten."

6. But sexy doesn't have to be showy — just chilling in bed can be just as hot!

Or hotter.


7. Especially when you get your significant other involved.

Talk about #RelationshipGoals.

10. Especially when you dress them up in cuddly Halloween costumes and pose for an adorkable dad selfie.

11. Neon hair goes with everything.

13. Cat friends > human friends.

14. It's important to give your pizza the love it deserves by sharing photos of it online.

16. Seriously, pizza love is true love.

If personal pan pizza came in the form of human beings- make mine a Patrick stump every time. Happy birthday dude.