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    31 Prince GIFs That Will Awaken Your Inner Thirst

    Get ready to give him your extra time.

    1. You have been summoned by Prince.

    2. Do you go to him?

    3. Yes. The answer is yes.

    4. 'Cause he wants you.

    5. There's no looking back now.

    6. You can't resist his seductive powers.

    7. That lip bite, though.

    8. Oh, hey, Prince, you looking at me?

    9. You bet he is.

    10. Done.

    11. His dance moves rope you in.

    12. As does his love of neck frocks.

    13. And tight pants.

    14. Oh, and he knows it!

    15. The artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince is a loving man.

    16. Who is adventurous.

    17. And always has a surprise waiting for you.


    19. Danger: The fewer the clothes, the stronger the thirst becomes.



    22. Cowboy fantasies commence.

    23. And, of course, his many stylish looks.

    24. With all those diamonds and pearls!

    25. These hoop earrings.

    26. This hair.

    27. And this shimmery outfit!

    28. OMG.

    29. Just let it happen already.

    30. You can't hold it back any longer.

    31. Good morning, thirst.