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    Premiere: Get Psyched For Summer With Scooter Island's "Breezy" Video

    The inspiration for your next rooftop party is here.

    Meet Matt FX Feldman, the 23-year-old wunderkind behind some of your favorite television shows' soundtracks.

    Jerm Cohen

    He was just 19 when he was hired as a music consultant for the teen soap Skins and now he works as the music supervisor for Comedy Central's hit Broad City, where he ensures the tunes are as cool as Abbi and Ilana — no small feat!

    However, Matt FX doesn’t just curate great music — he makes it.

    When he’s not supervising, he’s in charge of the musical collective Scooter Island. The group weaves together elements of modern electronic production with classical songwriting and resonating vocal performances creating what Matt calls "rooftop music."

    Dave Fitz

    The project features over 20 collaborators, including Obey City, Junglepussy, Salomon Faye, Ducky, Synead, and NYC-based rapper TARO.

    A hyper-specific genre the group brings to life in the rooftop-centric video for their new single "Breezy (ft. Zoe Penina),” premiering exclusively on BuzzFeed Music.

    View this video on YouTube

    FOMO-inducing visuals courtesy of Genmotion cinematographer Dave Fitz.

    It's basically a step-by-step guide for having the perfect summer day.

    Step 1: Find a roof with a great view and party on it.

    Dave Fitz
    Dave Fitz

    Step 2: Enjoy the beach at dawn!

    Dave Fitz
    Dave Fitz

    It's more romantic that way.

    Step 3: Prepare some mouthwatering food.

    Dave Fitz
    Dave Fitz
    Dave Fitz

    Drooling? Matt FX shared his go-to grill recipes with us.



    1/4 cup of soy sauce

    1/8 cup of olive oil

    1/8 cup of honey

    2 cloves garlic, chopped

    The juice of a small lime

    Jigger of fish sauce (optional)

    Black pepper and red pepper flake to taste


    Marinate as short as 1/2 hour and as long as 24 hours.

    Cook in skillet over high heat with a dab of butter.

    Flip steak till brown on both sides.



    2 Mexican chorizo links, chopped small

    1 red apple, chopped in equally small pieces

    1/2 Tbsp. cinnamon

    1/4 Tbsp. nutmeg

    1 Tsp honey

    1 Tsp olive oil


    Add chorizo and olive oil to a hot skillet, then add apple once hot.

    Add cinnamon, nutmeg, and honey to taste.

    Combine with steak, guacamole, and alfalfa sprouts on a hot corn tortilla.


    Step 4: Get a little wild!

    Dave Fitz
    Dave Fitz

    Now you're fully equipped to get that rooftop party started!

    Dave Fitz