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Winter Skincare Essentials

Because you don't want your skin lookin' like a reptile

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Going into my 20s I'm realizing preventative skincare is KEY so I've been on a kick to try out new products and heavy researching. I've peeked into the k-beauty trends that seem to be ruling the skincare universe lately and I think I've picked up some pretty helpful tips. Here is the routine I've gotten into and am taking into these chilly, drying winter months. So, if you're looking to change up your skincare routine or get a few helpful tips- keep reading!

1. Taking Off The Face / Via Garnier

I've used a TON of different makeup removers, and I always find them to either NOT take off my makeup or leave an unpleasant oily film. When the micellar water trend came around- I was right on top of it and picked up this guy at my local Rite Aid! It's gentle on sensitive skin, yet still removes nearly all of my makeup in one swipe. With no weird residue- I've found my holy grail drugstore makeup remover. An alternative high-end micellar remover is the Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water- beauty gurus swear by this.

Buy It Here on Amazon for $7 or at any mass retailer

Use With: Daylogic Premium Exfoliating Cotton Rounds $4 at Rite Aid

2. Double Cleansing

You heard me. I took this from the cult-worshiped Korean 10 Step Skincare regimen. I wasn't kidding about k-beauty being intense. "But wouldn't this dry out your skin?" Negative. Even on my driest days, the worst thing double cleansing has done is extend the time I take in the bathroom. In fact, since I've started double cleansing, I've noticed a reduction in breakouts! I only double cleanse at night however, while using a "face polish" in the morning- though any favorite cleanser will do. K-beauty recommends a water based cleanser and exfoliator but if you have EXTREMELY dry skin- I would save double cleansing for 2-3 times per week. Here's what's been working for me:

Morning Cleanser: Organic Surge Perfecting Face Polish $9 (I recommend buying this one directly from the site)

Nightime Double Cleansing Duo:

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser (perfect for sensitive, dry skin) $20 on Amazon

St Ives Even & Bright Pink Lemon & Mandarin Scrub $4 at Amazon (no microbeads!!)

3. Toner

Rocaille Writes / Via

I recently started using toner in my routine after hearing about this particular one from Pixi by Petra. This isn't a richly hydrating toner, but it preps my skin nicely for my moisturizer/serum! It also helps exfoliate any dry patches I have but doesn't make my skin tight. I use this with the soft side of the Daylogic Cotton Rounds previously linked!

Buy it Here or in store at Target for $15!

4. Moisturizer

MakeupAlley / Via

If there is one most important part of a winter skincare routine- it would be moisturizer. Your skin needs a nice, rich moisturizer to combat the dry air and wind it's constantly exposed to. I love this one from First Aid Beauty, it's formulated with hydrating, healing ingredients to soothe your skin- even eczema! It's creamy and non-greasy. Not only that- but this is also fantastic for sensitive skin.

Buy it Here on Amazon- either full size for $30 or Here at Sephora for different sizes.

5. Serum

This can be substituted for essence, ampoules- (thought Korean skincare recommends essence specifically.) You do not want to skimp on this- serums can be pricey but for the best results, it's better to go with something high end that will get the job done. They also can be used for any treatment you need- there are serums for anti-aging, hydration, or the perfect glow. A little goes a long way too- so even at a high price- you'll be getting ample use out of it.

Here are some cult-favorites in the makeup community:

Sunday Riley- Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment- $105- $165 at Sephora (yes I cringed at this too)

Drunk Elephant- TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum- $90 at Sephora

But if you can't bring yourself to spend half a paycheck on skincare (trust me, I'm with you) here is a drugstore alternative that's still 100% great:

L'Oreal- Revitalift Triple Power Concentrated Serum- Get it on Amazon for $17 or at any mass retailer

Olay- Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum- Get it on Amazon for $10 or at any mass retailer

6. Masks

Sick Than Average / Via

How much more skincare can we talk about?!? In all truth though, masks are key for specified treatments and not to mention those "treat yoself" days. Because I'm obsessed with glowy skin lately, I've been using the Lush Cup O' Coffee mask. We all know Lush's all natural ingredients are to die for and along with the Cup O' Coffee, some other all-time favorites are: BB Seaweed (really helps with redness), Don't Look At Me (the iconic blue mask), and Rosy Cheeks. Be careful with natural ingredients though, because it's easy to break out- especially for people with allergies. Some other highly rated masks include the entire line from GlamGlow (they have masks to target anti-aging, acne,brightening, and more!) For a less pricey, but still high end mask, try Origins DrinkUp Intensive Overnight Mask (recommended to me by another skincare/beauty fanatic!)

Here's a list of some great masks (including ones that won't break your bank):

Find all of the Lush masks: Here ranging from $9-$27

Natural Sheet Masks from TonyMoly: Here on Amazon at 11 Sheets for $9 (making each mask around .82 cents!!!)

Origins DrinkUp Intensive Overnight Masks: at Sephora for $26

GlamGlow Gravity Mud Firming Treatment: at Sephora for $69

Sephora Mask Collection: at Sephora for $4 per mask

7. Extras!!

I bet you thought we were done- of course not!! So, we've pretty much covered everything about skincare- BUT I wanted to throw in some other products I use on the daily that I SWEAR by.

Lip care: Having chapped lips during the winter is the bane of everyone's existence. Trying to apply lipstick over chapped lips is even worse. I use the Vaseline Lip Therapy balm in Cocoa Butter to protect mine. I'll admit, I picked this up at Rite Aid for $2 based solely on the fact it was adorable, but I've now purchased three to keep in multiple places so I ALWAYS have it. It's a pot balm (so you have to dip your finger in it) and provides a thick layer of moisture that smells and tastes delicious. My favorite part of this product is, it that the moisture LASTS and doesn't rub off like a lot of balms or chapsticks. 10/10 recommend to all of my chapstick hoarders out there.

Nail care: I have a nail biting issue. I've tried so many different products to grow them or keep me from biting them but nothing seems to work. My grandmother gave me a product she gets at her salon and it's become something I keep in my purse on the daily. Mavala's Nailactan Nutritive Nail Cream has changed the game for me. Gretchen Wieners was not joking when she talked about nail beds- cuticle care is a must for healthy nails that GROW. I smooth this cream on my cuticles (just the tiniest dab for each nail) 1-2x a day, and I swear even though this product is marketed for adding moisture to cuticles- it helps my nails grow, which in turn has kept me from biting them! I never get loose skin around my cuticles anymore (no more Black Swan moments) and I will forever repurchase this.

I found it on Amazon for around $20

And there you have it folks. An entire guide to winter skincare, plus a few extra goodies. Go forth and love your skin!!

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