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Fourteen Things That Happen When You Live With Your Best Friend

"D-did I just see your-" Yeah, you definitely did.

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Actual tonsils

When they have weird illnesses, they make you play doctor for them

"Can you look at my tonsils?" "Is this infected?"

* Disclaimer: this is an actual picture of my roommate's tonsils when she had strep. Sorry folks.


Roomie getting' ready to go out

Your clothes- their clothes? Who even knows at this point

You even throw one of your shirts at them to replace the one they're currently about to go out in- hey, you gotta make sure they're looking A+


My roommate/best friend and I

Home becomes your favorite place

Maybe they leave their dishes in the sink or take all the hot water- but you wouldn't rather live with anyone else. You love staying up all night with them just as much as you love going out and barely making it back afterwards. You'd do anything for them- including when they trudge to the kitchen wrapped in a blanket and ask you to make them a grilled cheese sandwich. Whenever the time comes to visit hometowns- you don't even want to let them leave

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