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    Seven Tips for Babyproofing Your Home

    For new and experienced parents alike, there’s nothing like bringing a baby into your home and life. Before your bundle even arrives, you’ve probably tackled the long list of essentials your child will need, but the more important focus should be on how to keep your baby safe long after the first few weeks of sleepless nights. Get a handle on babyproofing your home with our seven tips.

    1. Cover Your Outlets

    2. Smooth Those Sharp Corners with Corner Guards

    3. Prevent Accidental Exposure with Drawer Safety Latches

    4. Look for Products with the Child-Guard Closure System

    5. Create a Safe Space with Baby Gates

    6. Lock Down Furniture

    7. Prevent Pinches with Finger Guards

    Find What’s Right for You

    There are a thousand ways to raise your child, and only you can know what works best for you; however, all children deserve to be safe. For more information on babyproofing your home and updates on safety techniques for your child in all stages of life, visit Child-Guard’s™ blog and Facebook page.