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17 Amazingly Delicious Things Everyone Should Eat In Bath

Put these in your face when you're in the South West.

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1. Afternoon tea at Bea's Vintage Tea Rooms

Fresh sandwiches, scones, and wedges of cake bigger than your face are served to you in the v.Instagrammable 1940s dining room, all for a mere £14.95. Bea's gets busy, especially at the weekend, so book early and go hungry (although the friendly staff will box up your leftovers for you if you can't quite fit it all in).

2. Duck breast and dauphinoise at Casanis

French restaurant Casanis' reputation as one of the best places to eat in Bath does not go unfounded, and this duck breast and potato combo is one of the crowning glories of their menu. It's plated up with fig tatin, savoy cabbage ragoût and port and red wine jus.

3. A bun at Sally Lunn's

A Sally Lunn (a sweet, yeasted bun similar to brioche) is a Bath institution, and these are not only the originals - they're the best. They come in halves, with the tops reserved for sweet toppings like lemon curd and the bottoms for savoury like bacon and eggs. Do your tummy a favour, and get both.

4. A Greek mezze at Opa

This hidden gem is literally hidden, as it's one of the city's many underground restaurants. Settle into your pleasantly dimly-lit table and order an array of Opa's mezze to share - the spetzofie (spicy Greek sausage with veggies) and stuffed vine leaves are especially good.

5. Risotto at Sotto Sotto

And no, not just because it rhymes. ALL of the Italian food here is seriously good - and the regularly rotated 'risotto of the day' is always top of the list. Make sure you save room for dessert, because they're pretty special too.

6. A burger at Burgers and Barrels

Burgers and Barrels make fresh, tasty patties with amazing toppings like sweet jalapeños, onions and garlic habanero mayo. If you feel like challenging your stomach capacity to extreme levels, you can try their 'Hulk' eating challenge, a mighty 2kg of burger. Only three people have managed it so far, getting their meal free in the process, but don't let that deter you...

7. Brunch at the Cosy Club

The Cosy Club is a bustling city-centre establishment that does some of best eggs in town. There's a sizeable inside dining area with a balcony for alfresco eating, and if it's chilly they'll even give you a blanket to snuggle up in post-avo-toast.

8. Cocktails at Sub 13

Okay, so they're not strictly to be eaten, but this drinks menu deserves a spot on your to-consume list regardless. Sub 13 use double measures as standard (you're welcome), and their experienced bar staff will shake you up anything from a classic Cosmopolitan to their super-fancy signature Lord Bath, which contains cognac, rum, curaço, champagne AND tequila, and will cost you £100 and all of that night's memories.

9. A pastry at Bertinet Bakery

The doughy, delicious child of award-winning baker Richard Bertinet, this bakery does an incredible array of breads, cakes and pastries. Enjoy a hot drink and a croissant or Danish whilst you're in store, but you're a fool if you don't pick up a loaf or two to take home as well.

10. Sunday lunch at The Chequers

The roast at The Chequers is known as the best in the whole of Bath, and with some stiff competition in the area, it's a title that's hard earned. Your enjoyment of the meal will depend on where you stand on the peas on a Sunday lunch plate debate, but either way you can't deny that it's a cracking Yorkshire and an amazing bit of beef.

11. A veggie feast at Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen

Vegetarians, rejoice - a restaurant where you can eat every single item on offer! Acorn, formerly known as Demuths, isn't cheap, but everything you'll eat will be the finest quality, from the ricotta stuffed courgette flower starter to the salted chocolate tart with peanut butter sorbet dessert (drool). Even the hardiest of meat eaters can be converted by this menu - and on the other end of the spectrum, there's a good few vegan options too.

12. Tapas at Same Same But Different

Same Same isn't the fanciest of dining spots, but the wonky tables, cluttered, cheerful bar and smiley staff are all part of the charm. The tapas are well made, well presented, and far superior to the usual potatoes with a spoonful of tomato sauce and fritatta you get at chains with similar offerings. If you only order one thing, make it the confit pork with cider and chorizo lentils.

13. Coffee and cake at Colonna and Small's

Just look at those perfect latte hearts! Colonna and Small's put care and attention into every cup they brew, a love that's reflected in the robust flavour of their coffee. Take a book, choose a (homemade) cake, and make the most of the minimalist, but still welcoming, interior for as long as you please.

14. A fish dish at Tilley's Bistro

Tilley's menu changes often, but the fresh fish is regularly the best choice on there, and there's generally at least three different varieties. The most iconic dish they offer is their much-loved crab and sherry soup, so if you spot this on today'll billing, add it to your meal.

15. Macaroni cheese frittatine at Yammo!

Macaroni? Good. Cheese? Good. Honey roast ham? Really good. All of this fried? INSANELY GOOD. You don't come across macaroni cheese frittatine too often in any city, so if you ever get the chance to go to Bath's quirky Italian Yammo!, take the opportunity to stick one in your gob immediately. #noregrets

16. Pie, mash and gravy at the Raven

The Raven's menu has seven different pies on it, with fillings ranging from beef to venison to chicken. There's even two options for veggie diners, including the goat's cheese, sweet potato and spinach Heidi pie. The variety is good, but the best news of all? This plate will cost you less than £10, which probably leaves you with enough left over to try one of their local ales as well.

17. A slab of fudge from Fudge Kitchen

Do we really have to sell you on this? These rich, creamy blocks are some of the sweetest fudge we've ever tasted - the buttermint flavour sells out first, but you don't manage to grab a slice, you can console yourself with maple walnut, salted caramel or Mississippi mud pie.

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