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18 Quirks That Aberdonians Don't Realise Are Really Weird

If you've never treated yourself to a "fine piece", you're not from Aberdeen.

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2. Literally everything about rowies.

Or butteries, or rolls, or whatever you want to call them. Obviously they're delicious, but have you ever really thought about what you're eating? They're full of flour, lard, oil, butter, and sugar: a flat, pocket-sized calorie bomb, basically.

3. Serving meat and potatoes in a cup at pretty much every single social gathering.

Everyone else is missing out here, stovies are amazing. Pots of mince and tatties all mushed up together, then served in paper cups? If that doesn't say "party", I don't what does.

4. Ice skating discos.

If you didn't spend your pre-teen Friday evenings down the Linx Ice Arena, partying to local legend DJ DIzzy, are you really from Aberdeen? But they're just not really a thing anywhere else.


5. Every other car on the road being literally gigantic.

Because we have real winter weather up here, and big hills, and also people just like giant cars, even though you they don't fit into any of the parking spaces.

6. Thinking that flirting means shouting "trap ma mate?" out of the window of a souped-up Corsa.

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In other towns, this is just annoying. In Aberdeen, it's the height of romance. After all, you wouldn't want to get out of a nice, warm car to flirt, would you?

7. And calling boobs "chebs".


"Pamela got her chebs out last night" isn't a phrase that makes sense anywhere else. It barely makes sense here, to be honest. Aberdeen isn't really known for it's naked cheb-friendly weather.

8. Not to mention the oddness of "Bouley Bashers".


Nowhere else on Earth do boys who spend all time driving their cars too fast along a beach boulevard that they get their own (terrible) name. It's very random.


9. Describing all tasty food as "fine"...

And confusing non-Aberdonians, who think you're damning it with faint praise. But you're not saying it's acceptable, you're saying it's bloody delicious.

10. ...and treating yourself to a "fine piece".

Coffee and a fine piece 😊👌🏻 #mojocoffeehouse #aberdeen

Translation: A delicious little snack, often (but not exclusively) a slice of cake.

11. Being able to list at least ten people you know who went to Dubai for their hols this year.

It's incredibly strange that so many Aberdonians go to Dubai on their holidays instead of, say, Magaluf. Think about it. Check Facebook. Bet you could list ten.

12. Calling hugs "bosies".

Ask someone from anywhere else in the world if they need a bosie and they will look at you strangely. Or possibly call the police, depending on where you are.


17. Greeting everyone you know with "fit like en?"

Translation: how are you today? It's the phrase most likely to baffle the hell out of non-Doric speakers, so we use it as much as possible.

18. And living right beside multiple fairytale castles.

Dunnottar, Crathes, Drum...we take them for granted, forgetting that most people don't have Game of Thrones sets on their doorstep. Not to mention beautiful scenery, delicious food, and the greatest ice discos on Earth. ❤️

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