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    19 Times Leslie Jones Was A Gift We Didn't Deserve

    "I hate being called a female comedian. Do you say male comedian?"

    1. When she had the best damn response to the criticisms of Ghostbusters' all-female cast.

    2. And perfectly shut down the trolls who sent her hatred and abuse on Twitter.

    3. Oh, and when she couldn't give less of a shit what people had to say about her age.

    4. When she appeared on The View and thanked Whoopi Goldberg for all she's done for black women in comedy.

    5. When she was asked what she would want to lock away forever in a ghost trap, and her answer was relatable AF.

    6. When she proved she's ~just like us~ by getting excited about Pokémon Go.

    7. When her tweets about the Olympics were so delightful that she actually got sent to Rio, and became even more delightful.

    8. When she was totally sick of being referred to as a "female comedian."

    9. When she had some wonderful words of wisdom for people trying to achieve their dreams.

    10. Whenever she posts an Instagram photo from backstage at SNL, and her happiness is infectious.

    11. When she described her worst fear and it was simultaneously hilarious and also really, really true.

    12. When she met her celebrity crush, James Spader, and she was all of us meeting our celebrity crushes.

    13. When she went on "Weekend Update" to explain what she wants in a man, and it was both hysterically funny and way too real.

    14. Also basically any time she interacts with Colin Jost, tbh.

    15. When Melissa McCarthy was just trying to take a nice photo with Hillary Clinton, and this happened.

    16. When she was on the right side of history.

    17. When she knew she was cute AF.

    18. When she was not even remotely here for Chris Hemsworth's shit.

    19. And when she posed with her waxwork twin, and we were gifted with double the awesome.