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It's Been 13 Years Since "Mean Girls" Was Released, So Here's What The Cast Looks Like Now

Spoiler alert: Glenn Coco is majorly hot.

Today marks an entire 13 years since the release of Mean Girls, potentially the most iconic teen movie of our time. So, in celebration of this incredibly important global holiday, here's a look at what the cast are up to now...

Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron

Grool fact: Lindsay was originally up for the role of Regina, but the studio executives decided she should play Cady because her fans wouldn't accept her as a mean character.

Rachel McAdams as Regina George

Grool fact: Despite the fact that their characters are supposed to be the same age, Rachel is actually eight years older than Lindsay Lohan.

Lacey Chabert as Gretchen Wieners

Grool fact: As well as playing Gretchen, Lacey has voiced some pretty iconic cartoon characters, including Eliza Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys and Meg in Family Guy (before Mila Kunis took over).

Amanda Seyfried as Karen Smith

Grool fact: Amanda narrowly missed out on the chance to play Regina, but was given the role of Karen when producer Lorne Michaels suggested she play "the dumb girl."

Lizzy Caplan as Janis Ian

Grool fact: The character of Janis was named after IRL musician Janis Ian, who was the first musical guest ever to perform on Saturday Night Live.

Daniel Franzese as Damian

Grool fact: When Daniel filmed the scene where Damian sings "Beautiful" at the talent show, the only person in the audience was his mom. The audience shots were filmed on a different day.

Jonathan Bennett as Aaron Samuels

Grool fact: Lindsay Lohan would naturally blush whenever she filmed scenes with Jonathan.

Tina Fey as Ms. Norbury

Grool fact: The original ending saw Ms. Norbury get busted for selling ecstasy. She finds out Kevin has been selling it, confiscates it, and puts it in her desk. Then the police find it after the Burn Book accuses her of pushing drugs.

Amy Poehler as Mrs. George

Grool fact: Even though she was playing Regina's mother, Amy Poehler is only seven years older than Rachel McAdams.

Rajiv Surendra as Kevin Gnapoor

Grool fact: Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Lindsay Lohan filmed a video of themselves performing Kevin G's rap so Rajiv could study it and copy their mannerisms.

Tim Meadows as Mr. Duvall

Grool fact: The studio originally didn't want Tim Meadows and Amy Poehler – who had both been cast members on Saturday Night Live – to be in the movie, because they didn't want it to be considered "an SNL movie."

Daniel DeSanto as Jason

Grool fact: In the original script, Jason asked Cady whether her cherry has been popped. They had to change the line to "is your muffin buttered?" so the film didn't get rated R.

David Reale as Glenn Coco

Grool fact: Despite being the inspiration behind one of its most iconic lines, David was never credited in the movie. Oh, and he's also really, really hot.