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    So It Turns Out Emma Watson Is Actually Not Awful At Beatboxing

    "These are the lengths I'll go to for gender equality."

    Yesterday, you may have seen Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and Harry Potter star Emma Watson sit down to sort the founding fathers into Hogwarts houses.

    Well, you may not know that they also sat down to do some even more serious and important work.

    That's right, they rapped. But they obviously needed a theme.

    Obviously, being Hermione, Emma was all business.

    While Lin brought some pretty damn 🔥 lyrics to the table.

    Emma Watson and Lin-Manuel Miranda: The feminist rap duo you never knew you needed.

    We just want to be best friends with them both right now.

    You can watch the incredible, probably-going-to-be-Grammy-nominated rap in full here:

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