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17 Tumblr Posts You'll Find Funny If You've Ever Written An Essay

Oh, you want to see my essay? Sure, let me just open UUUUUGH.doc...

1. When your professors always tell you how important it is to plan an essay, so you start to plan your essay, and realise you don't know what the fuck you're planning.

2. When you have so many good intentions, but then your deadline rolls around and you're lying face down in bed covered in Dorito crumbs.

3. When your promise to yourself to start your essay with plenty of time to go goes totally out the window.

4. When you reach a level of procrastination that's so intense it requires a whole new word.

5. When you know you need to pull an all-nighter in order to make it to your deadline, but the caffeine isn't cooperating.

6. When your professor tries to push you out of your comfort zone, and you end up firmly back inside your comfort zone and also slightly embarrassed.

7. When you realise that all this time writing essays you don't care about could've been spent more productively.

8. When you have no idea what you're going to write, so you mess with the font size and line spacing to make yourself feel better.

9. And when, for once, you have way too much to write, and you start to curse the existence of a word count for other reasons.

10. When you've made the mistake of telling people you like to write, so they think essays are actually fun for you.

11. When you know you could write the essay in your sleep, but there are other requirements that you're just not down for.

12. When you have to skip a lecture to get your essay finished on time, and you realise you might as well just throw a match into a huge pile of money.

13. When it's midnight and you have that sudden rush of motivation, and then you wake up and it's a distant memory.

14. And when you're procrastinating so hard that your brain doesn't even let you do things you actually enjoy doing.

15. When you realise the motivation you had to keep on top of your work at the beginning of the year was just a pipe dream.

16. When sleep is calling even though your deadline is tomorrow and you know you should be pulling an all-nighter.

17. And when you finally finish writing that goddamn essay, and save it under a file name it truly deserves.