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21 Things Only Adult Emo Kids Will Understand

I'm still not okay (I promise).

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1. You're not allowed to put up Kerrang! posters in your room any more, because your landlord doesn't let you stick things to the walls.


2. And you lament the lack of MSN Messenger in your life, because expressing your feelings with emo lyrics on Twitter just isn't the same.

3. You're definitely upset that nobody uses Myspace any more, because bulletins were the perfect way to tell people you weren't okay (you promise).


7. But you're still searching for the perfect fabric softener that won't fade your black clothes.


9. You can also get tattoos or face piercings whenever you want...


Those star tattoos you dreamed of when you were a pre-teen are calling your name.

10. And dye your hair crazy colours without your parents' consent.


13. But only after you've taken out your headphones, because you can't hear what anyone is saying over Patrick Stump singing "Sugar We're Goin' Down" in your ears.

14. You're also not allowed to wear your Fall Out Boy T-shirt to work.


Because that's apparently more "casual" than "smart".

15. And apparently your chipped black nail polish isn't "up to standard".


Why doesn't anybody understand me?

17. You still wear Converse on the regular, but you've realised that drawing on them is, quite frankly, a waste of a good paycheck.


Adulthood. *sigh*

18. But your mum will still fuss about the fact that you could do with a good haircut every time you see her.


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