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    27 Times "Parks And Rec" Made You Laugh And Then Cry

    "I don't think I could be happier right now." "Wanna bet?"

    1. When April and Andy had a baby, and it became the most perfect combination of both of their personalities.

    2. And when Andy reassured April that just because they were married, that didn't make them boring.

    3. Then when Andy told April that she was the best thing to ever happen to him, even after all his success.

    4. When Ron hit Ann with the most perfect goodbye.

    5. Which was only overshadowed by April's.

    6. Which was, obviously, overshadowed by Leslie's.

    7. Basically any scene from the episode when Ann left, tbh.

    8. Whenever April had one of her rare sincere moments.

    9. When April and Andy got married, and Andy said this.

    10. And when April said this.

    11. When Ron opened up to Leslie about why they hadn't spoken for years.

    12. When Ben and Leslie broke up for a while, and they decided it was best not to be friends.

    13. But then they decided to say screw it, and do this thing for real.

    14. And when they both got their shit together and finally got engaged.

    15. Then when the whole gang worked together to make sure Ben and Leslie had the perfect wedding.

    16. But especially when Leslie insisted that Ron be the one to walk her down the aisle.

    17. And when Chris gave Ben literally the sweetest wedding gift.

    18. When Ben and Leslie decided to progress their already perfect relationship even further.

    19. When Leslie finally got to live her dream, and vote for herself.

    20. And when Ben decided to let Leslie take that dream even further.

    21. Whenever Leslie expressed how proud she was of April.

    22. And when she believed in her potential, even when no one else did.

    23. And when April thanked Leslie for everything she had done.

    24. When Donna made it so that everyone would finally call Jerry/Garry/Terry/Larry by his real name.

    25. When we found out that Ben and Leslie got their happily ever after.

    26. When everyone surprised Leslie by getting back together during the series finale.

    27. And, of course, this.