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19 Times Lorde Was The Purest, Most Wholesome Person On Twitter

The Lorde's work.

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This here is Lorde, aka Ella Yelich-O'Connor, aka Queen of Kiwis, aka the onion ring connoisseur.

Instagram: @lordemusic

1. And this is Lorde's Twitter account, aka the best and most wholesome place on all of the internet.

in tokyo eating ice block all sexy

3. And where she shares pics of foods that she would ask out on a date, because she's relatable AF.

all jokes aside i would ask this out on a date


4. Twitter is how she lets us know where she's at in her busy schedule of travelling the world and being great.

HI KOREA πŸ‘½πŸ‡°πŸ‡·

5. And where she gives us advice on how to thrive.

just happy to be back playing shows for you and levitating i'm thriving cut my hair been drinking lots of water and eating fruits

6. It's where she encourages us to be unashamedly proud of ourselves and our work.

god i'm proud of my work if u knew half the battles female artists gotta fight to keep it only magnificent for u...


8. She also shares the less glamorous sides of her life, like her struggles...

in oslo with a cold. popped a strepsil out of the packet + two nyquilβ€”took a sip of water and then accidentally SWALLOWED THE STREPSIL

9. ...and her fears.

10. And reveals the inspirations behind her iconic ~looks~.

a witch casting album love spells

11. She also shares the LESS relatable moments in her life, like when she got a police escort to take her to the drive-through for a slushie.

when u in tennessee and the police escort take u from stage to sonic πŸ’™πŸ˜»

Me as a celeb, tbh.


12. And when her consumption of world news was just slightly different to how it was for the rest of us.

only in 2017 would one be launching a tour and watching comey testify at the same time

13. The best is when she shares beautiful moments between herself and her best mates.

omg almost forgot this "happiness is for tourists write you little fucker" from when i had a bunch of lyrics that n…

14. And beautiful moments between herself and beignets.

1:18am beignet consumption in nola 😩😻

15. Basically, Lorde's Twitter is lowkey the funniest, best, purest place on this godforsaken internet.

letting it all hang out in palm springs 🌡🌴


16. And we should all love Lorde as much as Lorde loves Lorde.

17. Because her self-love is truly inspirational.

something about realising you quite like who you're becoming and where you're headed that seems to paint everything gold

18. And even her put-downs are somehow wholesome.

jeez i reread all these tweets and i sound like such a herb i'm just happy these days