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Emma Stone Had The Best Damn Night At The Golden Globes

Can't wait for next year's Emma Stone Awards!

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First thing's first: Let's all take several moments to appreciate this look, which was undoubtedly the most glorious red carpet look of the entire night.

This is the perfect dress. I bow down to this dress. I would get married in this dress, but I know I will never look as good as Emma Stone in this dress and I wouldn't dare try, tbh.

Look at the back! Even the back is beautiful! Potentially more beautiful than the front! Can you tell I'm overwhelmed?!

Instagram: @mararoszak

But, of course, she didn't wake up like that. She woke up like this...

Instagram: @rachel_goodwin


More important than the dress though (shocking, I know), Emma was nominated for a third time and SHE WON for Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy.