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    The Definitive Ranking Of "America's Next Top Model" Runners-Up

    First the worst, second the best.

    20. Marvin Cortes, Cycle 20

    Pottle Productions, Inc

    Marvin's photos were OK, but he got super complain-y when he was put in uncomfortable situations, and his "relationship" with Renee was simultaneously boring and annoying.

    19. Melrose Bickerstaff, Cycle 7

    Potter Productions, Inc

    Although Melrose did well in the competition, she wasn't very well-liked by her fellow contestants. She was pretty annoying for the audience too.

    18. Chantal Jones, Cycle 9

    Pottle Productions, Inc

    While Chantal did well in the competition β€” she was only in the bottom two twice β€” Saleisha was the cycle's obvious winner, and the runner-up was ultimately forgettable.

    17. Chelsey Hersley, Cycle 15

    Pottle Productions, Inc

    Chelsey probably would've done better in any other cycle, but no other contestants had a chance in Cycle 15 - Ann was the clear winner from the beginning.

    16. Kahlen Rondot, Cycle 4

    Pottle Productions, Inc

    Kahlen consistently did well throughout the competition, but her lack of confidence got the better of her. In the final show, Tyra compared her to "a girl who did good all semester and kinda failed her final exams." Harsh.

    15. Samantha Potter, Cycle 11

    Pottle Productions, Inc

    In the final episode of the cycle, the judges criticised Samantha for looking very commercial in person but lacking commercial appeal on-camera. While the judges acknowledged that Samantha had improved significantly since the beginning of the competition, the title ultimately went to McKey.

    14. Yaya DaCosta, Cycle 3

    Pottle Productions, Inc

    Yaya did consistently well throughout the competition, only appearing in the bottom two once, and has since done commercial work for Garnier and Sephora. She has also pursued acting: she appeared in Ugly Betty in 2009 as the daughter of Vanessa Williams' character Wilhelmina Slater.

    13. Mercedes Scelba-Shorte, Cycle 2

    Pottle Productions, Inc

    During her time on ANTM, Mercedes revealed that she had Lupus, which was a big blow. Since leaving the show, she has become a spokesperson for the Lupus Foundation of America, and has done some commercial work.

    12. Shannon Stewart, Cycle 1

    Pottle Productions, Inc

    Shannon caused controversy during her time in the show's first cycle, by refusing to appear in a nude photoshoot as a result of her Christian faith. She later appeared in the All-Star cycle of ANTM, and placed sixth. Since coming second in the first cycle of the show, Shannon was crowned runner-up in the 2005 Miss Ohio pageant.

    11. Kiara Belen, Cycle 19

    Pottle Productions, Inc

    Kiara came second in the College Edition cycle of the show, which was the first cycle to incorporate a public vote into the elimination process. Throughout the show, Kiara caused some controversy between her fellow contestants, most notably when she told Leila that Laura was "obsessed" with her. She ultimately lost out to Laura as a result of her Nine West photoshoot, which was criticised by the judges.

    10. Laura LaFrate, Cycle 18

    Pottle Productions, Inc

    Laura was the runner-up of the British Invasion cycle, and lost to Emma Watson's BFF Sophie Sumner. In the final episode, Laura had a panic attack during the filming of the contestants' CoverGirl commercial, and she had to finish it later at the hotel.

    9. Natasha Galkina, Cycle 8

    Pottle Productions, Inc

    Natasha had a weak start in the competition, but after the fifth week stayed consistently within the top three callouts.

    8. Joanie Dodds, Cycle 6

    Pottle Productions, Inc

    Joanie was extremely successful during the competition: she came first five times, won "Covergirl of the Week" three times, and was never in the bottom two. Despite this, she ended up coming second to the cycle's winner, Dani Evans.

    7. Molly O'Connell, Cycle 16

    Pottle Productions, Inc

    Molly complained an awful lot during her time on the show, but she probably had good reason to. During her makeover, Tyra gave her a weave that was almost as bad as Denzel's lace front beard. In the final episode, although the judges criticised Brittani, they ultimately chose her as the winner over Molly.

    6. Nik Pace, Cycle 5

    Pottle Productions, Ltd

    Nik was consistently successful in the competition β€” she was only in the bottom two once β€” and in the final the judges said that her CoverGirl commercial was the best of the three girls. She ultimately lost to Nicole because, although her commercial was better, the judges preferred Nicole's look and walk.

    5. Anya Kop, Cycle 10

    Pottle Productions, Inc

    Anya did well throughout the competition, receiving first callout five times and winning several challenges, one which gave her the chance to appear in a 7 Up commercial. She ultimately lost to Whitney because the judges said she was too restrained during the fashion show.

    4. Laura Kirkpatrick, Cycle 13

    Pottle Productions, Inc

    Laura came second in the Petite Edition cycle of the show, and was well-liked for her lovable, bubbly personality. Laura's grandma, Wanda Sue, made dresses for Tyra which she wore during panel. Throughout the cycle, she developed a friendship with Nicole Fox, who eventually became the winner.

    3. Will Jardell, Cycle 21

    Pottle Productions, Inc

    Texan dancer Will came second in the competition's first ever all-male top three. He was the cycle's tallest contestant, at 6'5", which was sometimes a disadvantage in his photos. Will was praised throughout the competition for his strong photos and loveable personality, but ultimately lost to Keith Carlos.

    2. Raina Hein, Cycle 14

    Pottle Productions, Inc

    Raina was consistently praised during her time on the show for her positive personality, and was told by the judges that she looked like a combination of Denise Richards and Brooke Shields. Despite the fact that the judges said her CoverGirl shoot was better, she ultimately lost to Krista White, who they said would have a better chance at an international career. Most recently, Raina appeared in the music video for Maroon 5's single, "Sugar."

    1. Allison Harvard, Cycles 12 & 17

    Pottle Productions, Inc

    Allison was approached to audition for the show by a casting agent who had seen her pictures online. In the final episode of Cycle 12, the judges acknowledged that she had shown the most improvement throughout the competition, but ultimately chose Teyona Anderson as the winner. She reappeared on the show during the All-Star season, again losing the title to winner Lisa D'Amato. Since leaving the competition, Allison has appeared in several commercial campaigns and has pursued a successful career in the Philippines.

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