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Taylor Swift Had The Most Taylor Swift Thanksgiving Of All Time

Happy Taysgiving, America!

Hi there! You're probably aware that every time an important holiday rolls around, Taylor Swift gathers key members of her #squad in order to celebrate. Here they are on the 4th of July:

Obviously, a professional photographer is usually present at these events to capture the #squad at their best and most natural. Here they are on Halloween, for example:

So when Thanksgiving rolled around, we obviously all spent the entire day wondering whether Taylor would bless us with any holiday goals this year. And she DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

Tay and her family spent the day with supermodels Martha Hunt and Lily Donaldson and Broadway superstar Todrick Hall, as you do. Here they all are settling down for dinner:

Here's them frolicking on the beach by Taylor's house in Rhode Island, where she appears to spend most holidays:

Also, as is necessary, the #squad had a moody, autumn-toned photo shoot on the beach. Here's Taylor with Todrick:

Here's Taylor serving cosy autumn goals with supermodel Lily Donaldson. Taylor is thankful for piggyback rides.

Here's Taylor and Martha Hunt making you feel bad about the fact that you spent all day in your sweatpants with cranberry sauce stains on your shirt:

And then, because the year is 2016 and we have nothing to live for except memes, they all did the mannequin challenge. Here's that!

See you again at Christmas! ✌🏼