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    21 Taylor Swift Songs That'll Probably Change The Way You Think About Her

    Taylor has the range, and these songs prove it.

    If you're a Taylor Swift stan, there's probably a lot of things you're sick of hearing from non-stans. But the one we all hear the most is that Taylor ~only writes songs about ex-boyfriends~. Which is absolutely untrue.

    However, since we seemingly can't escape these comments, no matter how untrue they are, I have compiled a handy list of Taylor Swift songs that ~aren't~ about relationships.

    So next time someone says Taylor only sings about boyfriends, just send them this link to prove them wrong. You're welcome!

    1. "Tied Together With A Smile"

    2. "A Place In This World"

    3. "The Outside"

    4. "Fifteen"

    5. "The Best Day"

    6. "Change"

    7. "Mean"

    8. "Innocent"

    9. "Never Grow Up"

    10. "Long Live"

    11. "22"

    12. "The Lucky One"

    13. "Ronan"

    14. "Welcome To New York"

    15. "Blank Space"

    16. "Shake It Off"

    17. "Bad Blood"

    18. "New Romantics"

    19. "I Did Something Bad"

    20. "Look What You Made Me Do"

    21. "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things"