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Here Are All The Celebs Who Have Taken Sides In The Taylor Swift/Scooter Braun Drama

"She deserves to own the painstaking labor of her heart."

If you've somehow managed to avoid it for the last 24 hours, allow me to catch you up on all the drama that's currently happening between Taylor Swift, Scooter Braun, and Taylor's old record label, Big Machine.

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It was announced yesterday that Scooter's company had acquired Big Machine Records for $300 million, meaning from now on he will own the rights to the master recordings of all Taylor's old songs.

In a lengthy post on Tumblr, Taylor called the situation her "worst nightmare", saying Scooter and his clients — including Kanye West and Justin Bieber — had manipulated and bullied her in the past.

She also said she had been given the option to "earn" back the rights to her masters from the owner of Big Machine, Scott Borchetta, if she signed another 10-year contract with the label.

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According to Taylor, she declined the offer because she knew Scott Borchetta was planning on selling the label soon afterwards.

"I had to make the excruciating choice to leave behind my past," she wrote. "Music I wrote on my bedroom floor and videos I dreamed up and paid for from the money I earned playing in bars, then clubs, then arenas, then stadiums."

Shortly after Taylor published the post, plenty of other celebrities began speaking out on social media. Here's who's taken sides so far...

1. Brendon Urie, who collaborated with Taylor on her first single outside Big Machine, expressed his support for her and called the music industry "toxic".

2. In a statement posted on Twitter, Halsey wrote that Taylor was a "huge reason" why she had always insisted on writing her own music.

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"She deserves to own the painstaking labor of her heart," she wrote. "It turns my guts that no matter how much power or success a woman has in life, you are still susceptible to someone coming along and making you feel powerless out of spite ... I am standing with her."

3. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber apologised for the "distasteful" and "insensitive" Instagram photo referenced in Taylor's post.

4. Then Cara Delevingne commented after Hailey Bieber called Justin a "gentleman", saying he had ignored the bigger issue and doesn't understand the situation.

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5. Taylor's longtime collaborator Jack Antonoff simply tweeted, "don't fuck with artists."

6. Alessia Cara seemed to reference the situation on her Instagram story, posting a blank screen with the words "stop stealing from women who work hard!!!"

📲 IG | @alessiacara takes to Instagram to share her support for Taylor — “hey!!!!! stop stealing from women who work hard!!!” #WeStandWithTaylor

7. Iggy Azalea posted several tweets in support of Taylor, saying even if she had known about the deal beforehand, she wouldn't have had an opportunity to do anything about it.

Telling someone about a deal days before it’s public means the deal was already done & she never had the opportunity to even make a bid to own her own work. These deals take months to negotiate in long form. https://t.co/Ra7NdxzcOM

And this is why I’m so happy to own my master for this new album, they really do ppl crazy dirty on ownership of their intellectual property in the biz. https://t.co/RtyN37yEvQ

8. The Haim sisters also shared their support for Taylor on social media, posting a screenshot of her Tumblr post on their Instagram story.

Instagram: @taylorswift

"Sometimes I'm reminded how fucked up and slimy this business is. This is one of those times," Danielle wrote on her own story.

Meanwhile, Este posted a simple: "LET TAYLOR SWIFT BUY BACK HER ART."

9. Fellow artist Sky Ferreira also posted on her Instagram story, sharing her similar experience of the music industry.

Sky Ferreira giving her experience of the toxicity in the music industry alight of the Taylor Swift situation on Instagram

10. Taylor's close friend Martha Hunt also voiced her support, saying she "couldn't be prouder" of Taylor for speaking up about the situation.

Taylor doesn’t deserve for someone who has constantly BULLIED her to OWN THE RIGHTS to her blood, sweat, + tears. It’s not the dark ages - artists shouldn’t be held down, and I couldn’t be prouder of my friend for standing up for what’s right. End of story.

11. And another of Taylor's close friends, Claire Kislinger, tweeted her opinion on the matter.

12. Todrick Hall tweeted that while he had once been managed by Scooter, he cut ties with him a long time ago. He called Scooter an "evil person whose only concern is his wealth".

13. Demi Lovato, on the other hand, said on her Instagram story that Scooter — whom she signed with in May — is a "good man".

She then commented on an Instagram post of Todrick's accusing Scooter of homophobia, saying the accusation "isn't true".

Instagram: @todrick

"As a member of the LGBTQ+ community myself, he wouldn't have signed me if he was," Demi wrote.

14. Sia tweeted that Scooter is a "good kind man" and said she hopes the situation "passes quickly".

You're a good kind man @scooterbraun I hope this passes quickly. I love you keep going.

15. And, finally, Scooter's wife posted this statement on Instagram. She called Taylor's post a "temper tantrum", and said she had been given the opportunity to own her master recordings and turned it down.

The post was liked by Demi, Kendall Jenner, and Kacey Musgraves, although Kacey's like appears to have been removed.

You can read a full explainer on the situation here.

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