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    Updated on Nov 21, 2018. Posted on Jul 26, 2018

    All The Surprise Songs Taylor Swift Has Performed On Her "Reputation" Tour, And All The Ones She Needs To Sing

    The B in B-stage actually stands for Blessed.

    In case you didn't know, the Queen of my Heart (otherwise known as Taylor Alison Swift) is currently living her best life on her Reputation Stadium Tour, and at every show she does an acoustic performance of a surprise song from her back catalog.

    Without further ado, here are the surprise songs she's performed on her tour so far, and some others I think she ~should~ perform in my 100% expert opinion:

    Oh, and scroll all the way down for a handy playlist...


    1. "All Too Well"

    Sang in: Glendale, AZ, Pasadena, CA, and Arlington, TX

    Taylor has performed "All Too Well" as a surprise song three times because she knows her own talent and she likes to play with our feelings. I was there for the Pasadena show and I spent the entire five minutes sobbing with my face in my hands because that's the power of "All Too Well".

    2. "Wildest Dreams"

    Sang in: Santa Clara, CA, Philadelphia, PA, and Tokyo, Japan

    This was a regular B-stage surprise song in Santa Clara, but then when her flying sparkly basket broke in Philadelphia, she performed it a capella while flying in the giant snake skeleton. Queen of crisis management!

    3. "The Best Day"

    Sang in: Santa Clara, CA

    She sang this on Mother's Day and honestly, just punch me in the face, I have too many feelings.

    4. "Red"

    Sang in: Pasadena, CA

    Before she sang this, Taylor was like, "I was trying to think of what song to play at the Rose Bowl, and I just went, 'Well, roses are red...'" Her mind!

    5. "Holy Ground"

    Sang in: Seattle, WA

    Probably the second best song Taylor Swift has ever written and I am bitter that I wasn't there to see her sing it.

    6. "Teardrops On My Guitar"

    Sang in: Denver, CO

    We love a classic!

    7. "Our Song"

    Sang in: Chicago, IL and Philadephia, PA

    Clearly Taylor was on a ~let's play songs from the debut album~ kick during this part of the tour, and I'm not complaining at all. She also sang this a capella during the sparkly basket malfunction.

    8. "22"

    Sang in: Chicago, IL, Foxborough, MA, and Sydney, Australia

    Squad member Martha Hunt suggested this one for the Chicago show, and obviously, Taylor granted her wishes, because she is a great friend.

    9. "I Knew You Were Trouble"

    Sang in: Manchester, UK and Perth, Australia

    Before she sang this in Manchester, Taylor was like, "Even if you don't know the words, it's easy to remember this bit before the chorus". I don't know anyone who doesn't know the words to "I Knew You Were Trouble", but Taylor is just humble like that!!!

    10. "I Don't Wanna Live Forever"

    Sang in: Manchester, UK

    A lowkey bop/collaboration with Zayn that they recorded for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack. Oooh!

    11. "Mean"

    Sang in: Dublin, IE

    The only negative thing I have to say about this is that she didn't replace the green guitar with a green banjo.

    12. "How You Get The Girl"

    Sang in: Dublin, IE

    This song invented wedding vows.

    13. "So It Goes..."

    Sang in: London, UK

    So, this is the only song from Reputation that didn't make it to the regular setlist, but then Taylor sang it as the surprise song in London, and since then she's sang it a few times in place of "Dancing With Our Hands Tied". No shade to "So It Goes...", but that's not what "DWOHT" deserves.

    14. "Fifteen"

    Sang in: London, UK

    The fifteenth show of the tour, of course!!! We love a mathematician!

    15. "Mine"

    Sang in: Louisville, KY

    I'm not going to talk too much about this one because thinking about the Speak Now Tour makes me emo.

    16. "Sparks Fly"

    Sang in: Columbus, OH

    Again, one of the best songs Taylor has ever written and probably deserved to be on the regular setlist but it's fine I guess!!!

    17. "State of Grace"

    Sang in: Washington, DC

    Taylor really decided to incinerate my wig when she sang "Sparks Fly" and then "State Of Grace" one after the other.

    18. "Haunted"

    Sang in: Washington, DC

    If my wig wasn't already incinerated after she performed "State of Grace", it for sure is now!!! "Haunted" goes off!

    19. "Never Grow Up"

    Sang in: Philadelphia, PA

    Taylor sang "Never Grow Up" in Philadelphia after spending the day at her childhood home, which is adorable. It was also my birthday and honestly, that just makes me want to cry.

    20. "Treacherous"

    Sang in: Philadelphia, PA

    Philadelphia was truly blessed to get "Treacherous".

    21. "Babe"

    Sang in: Cleveland, OH

    I really thought Taylor was going to sing "Babe" when I saw her in Manchester because it was the day before the music video came out, but she sang it in Cleveland instead, and I can't pretend I'm not upset about it.

    22. "Welcome To New York"

    Sang in: East Rutherford, NJ

    This was the first show in New-York-but-technically-New-Jersey and if she hadn't performed "Welcome To New York" the world probably would've imploded.

    23. "Fearless"

    Sang in: East Rutherford, NJ

    The second show in NJ was a rain show, and we all know how much Taylor stans rain. Taylor singing "with you I'd dance in a storm in my best dress, fearless" in the middle of a rainstorm was honestly one of the most iconic moments of the tour so far.

    24. "Enchanted"

    Sang in: East Rutherford, NJ

    Truly a classic. I can't believe Taylor didn't sing it earlier in the tour.

    25. "Change"

    Sang in: Foxborough, MA

    This song always makes me super emo because it's basically the "Long Live" of the Fearless era, and I stan both of those things hard.

    26. "Ours"

    Sang in: Foxborough, MA

    "Mine"'s younger sister who her parents (me) lowkey like more.

    27. "Out Of The Woods"

    Sang in: Toronto, ON and Auckland, NZ

    We've known this was coming for a while, I'm just surprised it took this long.

    28. "Come Back... Be Here"

    Sang in: Toronto, ON

    Taylor allegedly promised a fan in a meet and greet that she'd sing this as one of the surprise songs but I didn't want to get my hopes up enough to believe her. And then she DID IT.

    29. "A Place In This World"

    Sang in: Pittsburgh, PA

    I honestly never even considered that we'd get to hear this song live in the year 2018 because it's 12 years old and everyone pays it dust. We love a queen who recognises her own talent!

    30. "This Love"

    Sang in: Atlanta, GA

    The softest song on 1989 said hi in Atlanta.

    31. "The Lucky One"

    Sang in: Atlanta, GA

    This song embodies the message of the Reputation era so much that I'm just surprised it took this long for it to pop up as a surprise song.

    32. "Invisible"

    Sang in: Tampa, FL

    I never thought we'd get to hear Taylor sing this song in 2018 but she performed it at the request of a fan who told her listening to the song had helped him before he came out. You think I'm emo? You got that right!

    33. "Breathe"

    Sang in: Miami, FL

    This is another song that Taylor has never performed live before, but she's really blessing our hearts and souls this tour. "The Moment I Knew" still has a chance!

    34. "Better Man"

    Sang in: Nashville, TN

    It was basically guaranteed that Taylor would sing one of her more country songs in Nashville, and she didn't disappoint, blessing us all with a performance of Little Big Town's "Better Man" (which she wrote, duh).

    35. "Tim McGraw"

    Sang in: Nashville, TN

    If any show was going to get more than one surprise song, it was gonna be Nashville. "Tim McGraw" was Taylor's first ever single and not only did she sing a piano version, but she brought out the actual real-life Tim McGraw and Faith Hill to sing it with her. That's a glow up!!!!!!!

    36. "Jump Then Fall"

    Sang in: Detroit, MI

    It's 2018 and Taylor Swift is singing songs from the Fearless Platinum Edition. Finally the attention it deserves!

    37. "Begin Again"

    Sang in: Minneapolis, MN

    This is a soft song about letting go of the people who've hurt you in the past and allowing new people into your life, and it's exactly what Taylor deserves this era.

    38. "Tied Together With A Smile"

    Sang in: Minneapolis, MN

    If you haven't listened to this song from Taylor's debut album, you have to. She released it when she was sixteen, and the lyrics still make me cry at age 24.

    39. "The Story Of Us"

    Sang in: Kansas City, MO

    According to Taylor herself, she hasn't played this song since the Speak Now Tour, and that is a tragedy.

    40. "Forever And Always"

    Sang in: Indianapolis, IN

    Joe Jonas is shaking.

    41. "Hey Stephen"

    Sang in: St Louis, MO

    Fearless is really getting her moment and I couldn't be more proud of her.

    42. "Speak Now"

    Sang in: New Orleans, LA

    "Horrified looks from everyone in the room but I'm only looking at you" is actually about me screaming so loud at a Taylor Swift concert that I embarrass myself in front of everyone.

    43. "Wonderland"

    Sang in: Houston, TX

    Taylor waited until the very end of the tour's US leg to bring out one of the best songs on 1989 and it didn't disappoint.

    44. "White Horse"

    Sang in: Arlington, TX

    This is one of the saddest songs Taylor's written and her singing it in 2018 with a smile on her face really proved she's doing better than she ever was.

    45. "I'm Only Me When I'm With You"

    Sang in: Melbourne, Australia

    Taylor hasn't sang this since the Fearless era and she got on that stage and sang it on a Friday night beneath the stars as if I was going to be calm about it.

    46. "Starlight"

    Sang in: Brisbane, Australia

    I thought I was dreaming impossible things when I hoped for "Starlight" on the B-stage, but it turns out Taylor Swift can grant wishes!!!

    47. "I Know Places"

    Sang in: Tokyo, Japan

    Taylor waited until the end of the tour to break out "I Know Places" and as much as I hated waiting for it, it was WORTH IT. Bless you, Taylor.


    1. "Out Of The Woods"

    CBS /

    Frankly, I'm shocked that she hasn't performed this one yet. It has to be coming soon.

    UPDATE: Taylor sang this in Toronto, ON

    2. "The Story Of Us"

    Big Machine Records /

    Basically just because it's a bop.

    UPDATE: Taylor sang this in Kansas City, MO

    3. "Better Man"

    I know this is technically a Little Big Town song, but Taylor wrote it, and if she can sing "Babe" then she can sing this. Plus, I need her to bless my ears with an acoustic guitar version again.

    UPDATE: Taylor sang this in Nashville, TN

    4. "Clean"

    Taylor already sang a little bit of "Clean" during the Reputation Tour, just because it was raining and she felt like it, but we will only see real justice once it's performed in full on the B-stage.

    5. "Last Kiss"

    Big Machine Records /

    I know Taylor is in a happy place right now and is therefore pretty much only singing happy songs (except "All Too Well" lol), but I need her to tear my heart out with "Last Kiss" at least once this tour.

    6. "The Moment I Knew"

    Apparently a fan in the Rep Room asked Taylor to perform this and she said no one would know the words to sing along, and I hate that because "The Moment I Knew" is an underrated classic. She needs to sing it live at least ONCE. Please, Taylor.

    7. "Stay Beautiful"

    Big Machine Records

    Aside from the snakes, Taylor is all about being happy this era, and "Stay Beautiful" is basically the ultimate happy bop. So I'm gonna need her to sing it!

    8. "The Other Side Of The Door"

    Big Machine Records

    We ALL deserve to hear this bridge performed live at least once.

    9. "I Know Places"

    Apple Music /

    I'm sorry, but this song encompasses the whole Rep era like no other, and yet we haven't seen a performance of it yet??? It's about being happily in love with a person and hiding your relationship from the media/the public, which, if you read it backwards, spells REPUTATION.

    UPDATE: Taylor sang this in Tokyo, Japan

    10. "Ours"

    Again, we love a cute song about being in love with someone and not caring what anyone thinks about it, and we also love hearing them performed acoustically on the B-stage!

    UPDATE: Taylor sang this in Foxborough, MA

    11. "Picture To Burn"

    I just want her to do the country accent again.

    12. "I Wish You Would"

    This is one of my favourite songs on 1989 so don't come for me. I love it and I want to hear it acoustic, because the lyrics are lowkey sad, and the production kind of masks that.

    13. "New Romantics"

    I don't know why she hasn't performed this one yet! It's coming! Watch this space!

    14. "The Lucky One"

    Again, this song completely encapsulates the message of this era – that Taylor is happier with her private life staying private. Also I just want more Red love.

    UPDATE: Taylor sang this in Atlanta, GA

    15. "You Are In Love"

    I want a recreation of the 1989 tour, where she got the audience to echo the chorus back to her, because that was beautiful.

    16. "Mary's Song (Oh My My My)"

    Big Machine Records

    I think the quality of the above image proves we need an updated performance of this adorable song from Taylor's debut album.

    17. "Starlight"

    I dream impossible things and those things are seeing Taylor perform "Starlight" on the Reputation Stadium Tour.

    UPDATE: Taylor sang this in Brisbane, Australia

    18. "All You Had To Do Was Stay"

    This is one of 1989's Holy Trinity of Bops (the other two are "I Wish You Would" and "How You Get The Girl", in case you were curious), and I think she needs to honour that.

    19. "Cold As You"

    Listen, Taylor KNOWS how much we all stan this song. I don't want to bring down her happy vibe, but I need her to sing "Cold As You" so I have an updated version to listen to when I'm in my feelings.

    20. "Breathe"

    Big Machine Records

    This song is criminally underrated by Taylor herself. It's time to put that right.

    UPDATE: Taylor sang this in Miami, FL

    21. "Untouchable"

    Imagine everyone's bracelets lit up and sparkling white while Taylor sings this on the B-stage? Iconic.

    22. "Wonderland"

    "Wonderland" deserves to be part of the regular setlist for every tour she ever does.

    UPDATE: Taylor sang this in Houston, TX

    23. "Everything Has Changed"

    All I knew this morning when I woke, was I wanted Taylor to perform "Everything Has Changed" on the B-stage. She doesn't even need to invite Ed Sheeran as a special guest. I'm happy either way.

    24. "Come Back... Be Here"



    UPDATE: Taylor sang this in Toronto, ON

    P.S. Here's a handy playlist of all the songs Taylor has performed on the B-stage so far...

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