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    Taylor Swift Was Spotted Filming A Music Video In London And I Have Questions


    The entire world (me) went into meltdown when Taylor Swift announced her first album in more than three years, Reputation, will be released on 10 November.

    So far this era we've been gifted with two singles, a music video that was so full of hidden messages I'm still deciphering it over a month later, and fan theories so in-depth that I'm convinced Swifties are all actual detectives.

    Big Machine Records /

    But in the last few days Taylor has stepped it up a notch, inviting a select few fans to her home in London for ~secret sessions~, where she gave them a sneak preview of the new album.

    According to the lucky few fans who were invited, Reputation is Taylor's best album yet, and I CANNOT WAIT.

    And with less than a month to go until Reputation's release date, Taylor's also been spotted in London doing something seriously exciting: FILMING A NEW MUSIC VIDEO.

    The Ellen Show

    (The above image is me and all other British Swifties finding out Taylor filmed a music video in London.)

    Although we don't know what song the music video is for yet, it seems to show Taylor and her friends having the time of their lives on a night out.

    Josh Dasa / BACKGRID

    Here she is chillin' in the back of a black cab:

    Josh Dasa / BACKGRID

    And here she is filming a scene on the Millennium Bridge:

    Josh Dasa / BACKGRID

    But, most importantly, HOW GREAT IS THIS LOOK???

    Josh Dasa / BACKGRID

    I am 100% here for Grunge Taylor, the older, wiser sister of Goth Taylor.

    She also apparently filmed a scene in a Kentish Town kebab shop, which has me simultaneously shook and full of about a million questions.

    I just found out Taylor Swift filmed a video in a kebab shop at the end of my road and I have NEVER been so shook

    Sorry, guys, but Taylor is British now! I don't make the rules!!!

    first it was spoons now its a fucking kebab shop ahaha taylor is embracing british student culture im crying

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be coming up with theories about these photos and counting down til 10 November. ONLY 25 MORE DAYS TO GO, GUYS.

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