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19 Things That Definitely Happen During Every Night Out On Birmingham's Broad Street

No matter what, the night always ends at Pit Stop.

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3. But you'll inevitably end up in The Figure of Eight, because you can't argue with £5 Wetherspoon's pitchers.

Woo Woo, anyone?


6. And debate going to Walkabout, even though it constantly smells like sick.

They have £5 bottles of wine, people.


9. Especially if it's Thursday, because £1 entry is a fucking incredible bargain.

10. After a few pitchers in Spoon's, you'll saunter down the Birmingham Walk of Fame feeling like you're in actual Hollywood.

But you're not. You're in Birmingham.


13. Because despite the fact that "three rooms" doesn't sound like a's a lot.

not sure what layout is more confusing right now, birmingham newstreet or gatecrasher

14. And you'll get completely lost in the sea of people wearing a mixture of matching grey tracksuits and six-inch heels.

15. So you make your way to the toilet, because you know that, no matter what, you'll find a best friend there.

Even if you've never met them before. #BathroomBesties4Lyf


17. And the majority of your time will be taken up searching for the professional club photographer, so you can tag yourself in the photos on Facebook the next morning.

19. But not before you've spent more money than you're proud of on a doner kebab from Pit Stop.

Thank the lord for drunk food.