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    19 Times Noel Fielding And Russell Brand Were The Funniest Duo In Britain

    Goth detectives forever.

    1. When there were no false pretences about why they were on The Big Fat Quiz.

    2. When Jimmy Carr called them "every father's nightmare" and they were just really proud of themselves.

    3. When they had the most authentically beautiful relationship on TV.

    4. When they really lived up to the name "The Goth Detectives".

    5. When they refused to deal with Jimmy Carr's demands.

    6. So they built a castle out of bananas, because of course they did.

    7. And when they gave up on the quiz entirely and decided to piss around instead.

    8. But then they won anyway, just because they were so adorable.

    9. When they actually did give answers to Jimmy's questions, and it ended up being the best part of the show.

    10. Because, for some reason, there's nothing funnier than this sincerity.

    11. And when Noel actually knew the right answer, but they weren't fucking putting that anyway.

    12. When Noel was always so supportive of Russell.

    13. When they shared everything, including headgear.

    14. When Noel explained the benefits of wearing a cape.

    15. When Russell described his tablet as "a mockery of the Etch-A-Sketch".

    16. When they used their powers for good.

    17. And then turned around and used them for anarchy.

    18. When they explained the reason behind their closeness.

    19. And when they just ~knew~ that they were the best goddamn thing about The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year.