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Just 21 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About "Riverdale"

I ship all the characters in Riverdale with a better family life.

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1. This perfect primer you need to send to anyone who hasn't watched the show yet.

2. This accurate description of the moment you found out Jughead's dad was a Southside Serpent.

3. And this, which was definitely your internal dialogue when you found out Jughead was homeless.

4. This struggle of having to wait for a new episode every single week.

5. This incredibly relatable scene.

6. This, for anyone who's already sick of Jughead x Betty.

7. And this, for anyone who will NEVER BE SICK OF THEM.

8. This, which goes through your head every time Archie starts talking about ~his music~.

9. This perfect tag urself meme.

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10. This summary of every episode.

11. This text post, which is perfect when combined with a screenshot of Ms Grundy.

12. This realisation that the writers have no idea how teenagers actually speak. Or write.

13. This accurate description of every scene Cheryl is ever in.

14. This reminder that Archie Andrews is the ultimate student athlete.

15. This beautiful meme mashup.

16. This, which you'll get if you've spent the last few weeks yelling "JUGHEAD WAS MEANT TO BE ASEXUAL".

17. Maple syrup.

18. This complete switch in Jughead's priorities.

19. This comparison, which is scarily accurate when you think about it.

20. This reminder of how goddamn annoying Archie is in every single episode.

21. And, finally, this list of the ships all Riverdale fans REALLY want to happen.