This Face Swap Of Adam Driver And Keanu Reeves Is Totally Wild

    I have one question: HOW?!

    Here's Adam Driver, who you may recognise from being shirtless in Girls and also being shirtless in the new Star Wars movie.

    And here's Keanu Reeves, who you may recognise from being immortal vampire Keanu Reeves.

    If you put photos of Adam Driver and Keanu Reeves side by side, they look relatively similar. Like, they could be in a remake of 17 Again and it would be more realistic than Zac Efron aging into Matthew Perry.

    But yesterday Twitter user and comic book writer Mark Millar tweeted a face swap of the actors, and THEY ARE THE SAME MAN.

    Face-Swap Adam Driver and Keannu Reeves and you just feel confused and slightly lost...

    The picture was originally posted to Reddit in July (and no, it's not a complete face swap, but it's close enough).

    People are simultaneously confused and impressed by it.

    @mrmarkmillar I just see two pictures of Adam Driver.

    Has anyone seen Keanu Reeves & Adam Driver in the same place at the same time? IS KEANU THE SUPREME LEADER OF THE F…

    @mrmarkmillar Adam Driver is just a 4K Keannu

    And, of course, some are already calling for them to star in a movie together.

    Give me a movie with Keanu Reeves and Adam Driver where they are an estranged father and son duo who get caught in…

    @mrmarkmillar Now we know who Hollywood would call if they ever do a John Wick Jr. spinoff.

    I’m holding out hope for Speed 3: Back on the Bus, starring Adam Driver.

    So, what's next? Adam Driver starring in a Matrix reboot? Keanu Reeves as an older Kylo Ren in Star Wars: Episode LXXV? That 17 Again remake we talked about?