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21 Times Tumblr Users Perfectly Explained How It Feels To Be A Not-Quite Adult

I'm a grown-up? OK... That sounds fake, but OK.

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1. When they recognised the struggle of being able to do 21st-century stuff but lacking the skills you actually need to be a grown-up.

2. When they understood the best way to deal with a stressful day.

3. Even thought it's also kind of the worst way.

4. And people's reactions to your displays of beauty are just so unfaaair.

5. When they just ~got~ how it feels to be constantly asked the same question...

6. ...that you never, ever have an adequate answer for.

7. And there are only two things you ~really~ want to do.

8. When they recognised the most important battle in life.

9. And understood the struggles of coffee addiction.

10. When they realised that the best way to deal with adulthood is probably to act a little bit like a child.

11. But like...also, children are the worst.

12. Especially when people expect you to be nice to them just because they're younger.


13. And you're ~basically~ still 5 at heart, anyway.

14. When they recognised that most of the time, life just doesn't go the way you wish it would...

15. So you spend most of your time daydreaming about how it could have been.

16. Time which – let's be honest – probably could have been better spent.

17. So you make up for all the time you've wasted during the day by just forgetting to go to sleep at night.

18. When they recognised that now you have your own income, you can spend money on the important things.

19. And when they understood that leaving high school behind is one of the best feelings in the world.

20. Seriously. So. Good.

21. But mostly when they realised that, in adulthood, there's no one you'll ever relate to more than Squidward Tentacles.