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39 Things They Didn't Show You On TV At The 2015 EMAs

It was a night of glitz, glamour, and an awful lot of waiting around.

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1. On the red carpet, while people were waiting for the celebs to arrive, interviewers and presenters would just run at the crowd with cameras to make them scream excitedly.

2. There were people whose entire job consisted of keeping the fans hyped up...

3. And they would do this the second before the cameras were turned on, every single time.

4. There were people walking up and down the carpet conducting interviews on iPhones and GoPros, and using selfie sticks. ~2015~

5. Fifth Harmony were the first to arrive, but no one had any idea that they were going to perform on the red carpet – people just thought they were coming to pose for photos and do interviews.

6. Justin Bieber definitely got the biggest scream when he made his appearance on the red carpet, despite the fact that he just ran quickly from one end to the other.

7. People were majorly freaking out after he left: One girl opposite me in the crowd immediately made a phone call and burst into tears.

8. Even the other celebs were fangirling over Bieber: Vicky from Geordie Shore paused in the middle of an interview to freak out, saying, "Oh my god, Justin Bieber just arrived!"

9. Oddly, the Geordie Shore lot were a massive hit with the Italian fans, who were screaming their names constantly as they walked down the red carpet.

10. Ed Sheeran ~almost~ got a bigger scream than Justin Bieber, and the crowd had been singing "Thinking Out Loud" about ten minutes before he made his appearance.

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11. The stage setup was impressive: There were two full stages at either end of the arena, connected by a walkway with another mini-stage in the middle where the awards were handed out.

12. The show organisers did an amazing job at making sure the whole thing ran smoothly...

13. Because while the cameras were showing Ed introducing the show, there were about a dozen guys moving Macklemore's set offstage as quickly as possible.

14. Jason Derulo's dancers kept dancing until they were completely off stage, even while his performance was still going on.

15. While the screens were playing videos of all the nominees, people in full bodysuits wearing TV masks would strut out onstage and pose with the award, never breaking character despite the fact that no one could see them.

16. The celebs were all sitting in rows in a pen facing the audience, so everyone in the arena could see them at all times.

17. Justin Bieber and Mark Ronson were sitting together, and seemed to be engaged in a pretty interesting conversation for most of the evening...

18. While, at one point, Ed Sheeran sat on someone's lap to have a chat and take a couple of selfies. Classic Ed.

19. They played videos of the previous year's performances during ad breaks to keep the audience hyped up...

20. And it definitely worked, because the video of Ariana Grande's 2014 performance got screams so loud you'd think she was actually there.

Brian Rasic / Getty Images
Brian Rasic / Getty Images

21. The video of Ariana's performance also successfully managed to distract from the fact that they were bringing out a gigantic diamond throne-type-thing, which was definitely hiding Ellie Goulding.

22. After Ellie Goulding performed – and it actually rained glitter – dozens of guys came onstage with massive brooms, and were sweeping glitter directly onto the audience.

23. Ruby Rose had about ten minutes in between every intro to change into her many different outfits.

24. And she spent a lot of the evening just lurking around onstage in the dark until the cameras turned on and she could say her lines.

25. Even in the arena, there were people walking around hyping up the audience...

26. Because the entire night consisted of an awful lot of waiting around for stage sets to be moved, video tapes to play, and ad breaks to end.

27. And the crowd was standing up the whole time, from the beginning of the red carpet at 6pm to the end of the show at 11.

28. It was sometimes more fun to watch the crowd than what was going on onstage, because every so often someone would freeze-frame their joy in order to take a selfie.

29. While Duran Duran were making their acceptance speech, Ed and Ruby were standing off to the side of the stage, and shared a little hug. Aww.

30. There was a platform connecting the celebs' seating area to the stage that flew up into the air every time they weren't presenting an award, presumably so no one in the audience would jump up and run into the celeb area. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

Brian Rasic / Getty Images
Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

31. The show's organisers did a really good job at making sure the audience was paying attention to what they were supposed to be, rather than what was happening elsewhere on the stage.

32. For example, the second Jess Glynne's performance ended on one end of the arena, James Bay started playing on the other, and they were able to clear Jess's set without drawing attention to themselves.

33. Although at times there were so many famous people on the stage at once that no one really knew where to look – people were taking pictures left, right, and centre.

34. Fifth Harmony came out, practiced where they were going to stand to present their award, and then left the stage again before Ruby Rose introduced them.

35. And you could tell they were having the time of their lives: They were dancing to the Italian music used to keep the audience excited during ad breaks, and also danced to every song that played during the video announcing nominations.

36. Every time Ruby Rose left the stage she basically ran off to make yet another outfit change. Every. Single. Time.

37. The crowd loved all of the live performances, but the biggest cheer of the night (after Bieber, obv) went to Andrea Bocelli. Witnessing thousands of people singing along to "Por Ti Volare" at the top of their lungs was incredible.

38. At the end of the night, while the credits were rolling on the screen, Ed Sheeran and Ruby Rose were sitting on the couch in their living room set while Ed threw props into the audience.

39. And, of course, the people who freaked out the most were the ones who caught Eddy's teddy.

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