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    Ruby Rose Had The Best Response To A Commenter Who Said She Couldn't Appreciate Men Because She's Gay

    "I'm sorry, everywhere I go I just spray gay."

    Ruby Rose needs no introduction. If you don't already know her from her roles in Orange Is The New Black or Pitch Perfect, you're about to know her as literally Batwoman.

    I'm sure you're also familiar with four-time Formula One world champion and owner of this adorable dog, Lewis Hamilton.

    Yesterday, Mr Hamilton opened his Instagram app and decided to get his thirst trap on — while thanking his fans for their support, of course.

    And who should appear in the comments but Ruby Rose herself, letting Lewis know she appreciated his photo.

    Ruby Rose also happens to identify as lesbian, so because this is the internet and we can't have nice things, some commenters decided they had something to say.

    "Thought u were a lesbian?" one commenter wrote.

    But Ruby didn't waste her time, and clapped all the way back.

    And if that wasn't enough, she settled down in the comments section and replied to another person who asked her to "please [not be] gay".

    Well handled, Ruby. 💥