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17 Reasons Holtzmann From "Ghostbusters" Is The Hero We All Need

You just got Holtzmanned, baby.

1. So, if you've seen the new Ghostbusters movie, you'll be well aware that Jillian Holtzmann – played by Kate McKinnon – is the best part of the whole thing.

2. Holtzmann is the flirty, ghostbusting, (maybe) queer engineer physicist we never knew we needed.

3. She's the definition of badass. Like, if you look up "badass" in the Oxford English Dictionary, you'll probably find this:

4. Her dance to "Rhythm of the Night" is quickly becoming iconic.

5. You know she'd always be up for having a good time, because with Holtzmann, everything is a good time.

6. And she'd make sure you always travelled in style.

7. She'd be a great friend, which means you'd have a really awesome secret handshake.

8. And she's a little ~weird~, which just means you would never have a boring moment in her company.

9. Her sense of style is a star in its own right, tbh.

10. And her solo slow-motion fight scene is literally one of the greatest action scenes of all time.

No, I am not exaggerating.

11. Plus, as if all of that weren't enough, she's a super genius.

12. The only thing she's kind of ~slightly~ bad at is expressing her feelings. But it's fine. We all have our flaws.

13. I mean, come on. Even her fellow castmates know she's the best character.

14. And her real-life counterpart is awesome too. Basically everyone should want to be her best friend.

15. In conclusion: Jillian Holtzmann is the greatest Ghostbuster, and we all need more of her immediately.

16. Also, this.

17. That's all.