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    18 Celebrity Encounter Horror Stories That'll Make You Glad You've Never Met Your Fave

    "Trying to disentangle my candy from an Emmy award winner's arm hair was decidedly not a highlight for me."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their stories of the times they seriously embarrassed themselves in front of a celebrity. And they delivered...

    1. "I saw Nick Jonas and his girlfriend at the time, Olivia Culpo, on the streets of New York City and went to get a picture with them. I had no clue a paparazzo was filming across the street, so it was interesting when I came home to find the moment my skirt blew up from the subway grate was on YouTube. Now 160,000 people have seen my ass... Thank God I was wearing boy shorts that day." – hayleyrae

    2. "Gary Sinise does a lot of work with the USO and can often be found traveling the world visiting various military bases around the world, meeting the troops and performing with his band. He came to our base in Naples, Italy for July 4th, 2003. I was hammered thanks to the free-flowing margarita machines, and when our group got our turn to meet him and take pictures, I greeted him by hollering, 'LIEUTENANT DAN, YOU GOT NEW LEGS!' He must have heard this a bajillion times by now, so he was not amused, but tolerated it until I crowded in a little too closely for the picture and forgot about the sticky AF Ring Pop that was on my hand. It promptly adhered itself to his arm hair. Trying to disentangle my candy from an Emmy award winner's arm hair was decidedly not a highlight for me." – Sandra Navi Young, Facebook

    3. "When I was about 10, I had the chance to meet President Obama through my dad's work (he works at the air force base). When I met him, the first and only thing I said was, 'That tie doesn’t look good with your grey hair.' He laughed and tousled my hair, but I still think about it to this day." – cassiej48d97d62b

    4. "On Christmas Eve one year, Paul Rudd came into the store where I worked for a gift card. Desperate for something clever to say to him, I said, 'Has anyone ever told you you look like David Schwimmer?'" – alih41dd2a5e5

    5. "I went to the gym one day after work. The place was basically deserted, and I was excited because I really wanted to de-stress without feeling self-conscious. About five steps outside the locker room, I see Joe Keery from Stranger Things. I LOVE that show, and I loved him in it, but something about seeing him standing there in workout gear checking his smartphone kind of broke my brain. I forgot his name, his character's name, my name, and how to walk and talk. Instead of saying something, I stopped dead in my tracks and kind of...yelped? I was so mortified, and of course because the gym was empty there was nowhere to hide. I kept running into him – by the water fountain! By the treadmills! I was so self-conscious I left after about half an hour, and frantically texted my best friend the whole way home. We agreed it was one of my more awkward moments." – Emily Mason, Facebook

    6. "I was working at swanky hotel and restaurant and Hugh Jackman had been staying there with his family for a few weeks filming a movie. I'd just pulled a 12-hour shift so my mind was mush, and I ended up serving him at a table. I went to pour him some water automatically, but forgot I hadn't asked him if he wanted any and tried to stop myself. My tired mind had already started the process of pouring. I basically poured a bottle all over his leg, where his phone was sitting, while asking, 'Did you want water?' He was such a damn nice guy that he just looked up at me and said, 'I usually prefer it in my glass.'" – charlies46d587761

    7. "The company I work for has a lot of actors coming in on a daily basis, and Steve Buscemi was scheduled to come in one day. At the time I was drawing a blank trying to conjure a mental image of him because for some reason I tend to get him, Willem Dafoe, and Christopher Walken mixed up. I had Google Image searched him, gotten up, and was getting water or something, when I saw the receptionist leading him right past my computer. Of course, he glanced at the screen full of pictures of his face." – zombie93

    8. "My best friend and I went to Tampa Bay Comic Con in 2014 just to meet Evan Peters. When it was my turn for a photo I asked him to do the prom pose with me, and he put his arms around my chest and hugged me from behind. He definitely should’ve put his arms around my waist, but I guess he didn’t know that, so for a moment in time, I spaced out, forgot Evan was a major celebrity and readjusted his hands, not realising they were pretty much touching my boobs. If that wasn't bad enough, I got a text message from my mother right before the photo was taken while Evan was hugging me from behind. He jumped a little, laughed and said, 'Oh! Uhh I think you got a text!' My phone was in my back pocket and it had vibrated on his crotch when the text came in!" – sarcasticsierra

    9. "I attended a taping of Mike and Molly, and after filming, we got to meet the cast. When it came to meeting Melissa McCarthy, I told her that I identified with the characters she portrays and 'it’s coming out of me like lava'. What I didn’t follow up to say was that I laughed the hardest at that scene in particular. She was repulsed and said, 'That doesn’t sound pleasant.'" – kimberlyd4f5b81ae2

    10. "I was at a Miranda Sings show a couple of summers ago with my mom, my sister, my sister’s best friend, and her mom. We were waiting in line to go in and we saw a bunch of girls taking a picture with a tall, attractive man. My sister’s friend’s mom informed me that they were taking a picture with Liam Hemsworth. I had no clue what Liam looked like, I just knew he was famous and wanted to get a good Instagram, so I chased him into the lobby and took a very awkward picture with him. I used my default celebrity meeting line, telling him that I loved his work. He looked confused, but thanked me, and we moved on. It was only after I posted the photo on Instagram that I realised how weird this was. What would Liam Hemsworth be doing at a Miranda Sings show? Why was he walking in with a random blonde girl and not Miley Cyrus? Apparently, other people shared my confusion, because some girl commented on my photo to inform me that I had in fact met Robert Graham from The Bachelor." – caylai2

    11. "One time my friend and I were on the subway and a guy came on and sat down next to us. I told my friend that I thought it was Ansel Elgort, but she wasn't sure, so when it got to our stop I said to him, 'Has anyone told you that you look like Ansel Elgort?' He responded, 'Yeah I get that a lot.' As I got off the train I heard someone else say to him, 'Is that because you are Ansel Elgort?' He chuckled and said yes. Cue facepalm." – jblass

    12. "My friend invited me to go meet the original cast of Hamilton in New York City. We were admitted directly on to the stage in the theatre, and immediately we saw a man in a ponytail, centre stage, talking to at least 10 people. We walked over, and my friend is basically tripping over herself, stuttering words of admiration about the man. In my head, I'm like, 'Why is she being so weird? Who is this guy?' He was so warm and sweet. He introduced himself as Lin, and my friend is literally ready to pee herself. Instead of telling him my name, I asked him where Leslie Odom Jr was. It wasn't until 20 minutes later that I realised I shrugged off a conversation with one of the most prominent playwrights in modern history, Lin-Manuel Miranda." – cpacheco

    13. "My husband and I had the lucky opportunity to go to a food and wine weekend at a luxury glamping resort in Montana. Laura Prepon from Orange Is The New Black was there as well. My husband indulged too heavily in the wine part of the weekend, and proceeded to spill her own drink on her." – kelseyu4da6cfd12

    14. "A couple of years ago, I met Michelle Williams (the actress, not one third of Destiny’s Child) after seeing her star in Cabaret on Broadway. I made sure to head to the stage door to meet her, and while she was graciously signing my playbill, I was mesmerised by her legit, make up-free glow. I just stared at her, dazed, and said, 'I. Love. Your. Skin.' It was totally creepy. I felt like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs." – natalieh49b5c843e

    15. "I saw Emma Watson at the Beverly Hilton the day before the SAG Awards about five years ago. I smiled at her politely without realising who it was, then made a sort of squealing sound when it clicked and instinctively began to follow her and her friend throughout the hotel. I spent the next 45 minutes peeking into hotel room windows to see if I could find them and get proof that I’d met her. I was eventually escorted off the premises." – phoebeg4870dc518

    16. "I was picking up takeout from a place in the Pacific Palisades with my friend and I accidentally opened a door into a man’s face. I immediately apologised, he shrugged it off, and my friend and I got into our car. The first thing she said was, 'Dude, that was Ben Affleck.' Apparently I slammed a door into Ben Affleck’s face. Not my finest moment." – victorias4e1b807b6

    17. "I met Peter Dinklage at a brewery in Asheville when he was filming Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. I got up the courage to talk to him and he was so nice! He made some comment about being there with Daniel Day Lewis, and gestured to the person to his right. It clearly wasn't Daniel Day Lewis, so I kind of laughed and continued taking a selfie of the two of us. It wasn't until I saw the two later that I realised it was Sam Rockwell. My boyfriend, who was with me, brings up the fact that we dissed Sam Rockwell at least once a week." – Megan Williams, Facebook

    18. "I brushed shoulders with The Edge and immediately vomited." – annet4c7172ded

    Note: Some submissions may have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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