19 Times People Randomly Ran Into Celebrities On Planes

    "I looked up and Flavor Flav was coming down the aisle, passing out the snacks."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the time they met a celebrity on a plane. Here are some of their funniest and most random responses...

    01. "My mom was asked out by Huey Lewis on a plane back in the '80s. She was his flight attendant and turned him down because she was dating my dad. Before he left he said, 'My wife will thank you.'"

    – Allianonymous

    02. "When I was in seventh grade, I was on a plane, and I got up to use the bathroom. I awkwardly scooted by someone as they were going back to their seat and we exchanged uncomfortable smiles. When I got back to my seat and sat down I realised it was Kristen Wiig."

    – sarahrubyj

    03. "When I was 7 years old I made LL Cool J introduce himself to me and explain why he needed security on the plane. I must have been staring at him a lot, because he kept waving at me, and eventually I asked my mom to get the man to tell me who he was…"

    – busters3

    04. "My dad sat next to Lenny Kravitz on a plane to LA a few weeks ago. He had a Gucci backpack on and was talking about an upcoming tour. He and my dad had a casual conversation and my dad had no idea it was him until he got off the plane and somebody wanted to take a picture with him."

    – mkc3099

    05. "My grandfather was flying to Detroit and when the plane landed, he and the other first class passengers were let off first. As he came out of the gate, he was surrounded by a bunch of people asking for his autograph. He didn’t realise the man in front of him was Jon Bon Jovi and the people asking for a autograph assumed he was a part of Bon Jovi’s crew. Apparently he was really nice about it and apologised to my grandfather as he was rushed away by his manager."

    – brookeb624

    06. "One time I was in the Minneapolis airport connecting to another flight. I was going down the moving sidewalk when I passed Ben Stiller and crew on the opposite sidewalk. I immediately recognised who he was, but I was really surprised at how short he was in person. Since I have no ability to keep a poker face, I really obviously looked at him like, 'You're that short?' He glared at me and kept walking. I felt bad afterwards, but at the time the whole thing seemed hysterical."


    07. "One of my close friends is terrified of flying and had to fly from New York to LA. She was flying alone but her seat was in first class. When she got on the plane, she started crying and turned her head towards the window to keep people from seeing. A minute later, someone sat down next to her and asked if she was okay. She turned to see who it was, and it was freaking Zac Efron! It turns out his seat was next to hers so that definitely cheered her up! She said he was a super nice guy and talked to her for a while until she felt better."

    – sydneyjrw

    08. "Lil' Wayne sat in front of me, my mom, my sister on the plane. We were talking about Finding Nemo, and my mom was like, 'What was was the name of the little turtle? Not Rush, the cute one.' We couldn’t think of the answer until Lil' Wayne turned around and said 'Squirt'."

    – shimegarner

    09. "A few years back, I was on a flight to LA and I just happened to look ahead and see Courteney Cox sitting in one of the front rows of seats. I must have been staring at her for a while, because she looked back and we made eye contact. I sort of panicked and started looking around, so as not to give away the fact that I was staring. She just laughed and turned back around. The rest of the flight was a blur, but I did manage to get her autograph!"

    – sophiet47f805b44

    10. "My mom and I were on a flight from Altanta to LA, and we noticed a few seats in front of us was Diana Ross. My mom really wanted to talk to her but surprisingly, and thankfully, didn't. However, fast forward to the baggage claim where my dad, who was picking us up, tried to help us with our luggage and grab it from the belt. He tripped and swung the bag around and nearly knocked over none other than Diana Ross. To make the experience more humiliating for my poor dad, my mom then exclaimed loudly, 'Oh my god, Michael! You almost killed Diana Ross!'"

    – Aysha Larson, Facebook

    11. "When I was 2 years old I was bothering the man sitting in the row behind us on the plane trying to play peek-a-boo. My dad took me for a walk up and down the aisle to calm me down and apologise to the kind stranger who had entertained me. The dude was sitting there slouching in a jacket and a baseball cap low on his head. My dad leaned down to apologise and realised it was Matt Damon. He started blubbering, trying to keep it cool, but Matt Damon calmly interrupted him and said, 'Don’t worry about it. Cute kid.' He kindly signed an airplane napkin that we still have years later."


    12. "I was on a plane coming from Orlando and when I went to the bathroom I noticed JC Chasez was also on the plane. My sister and I asked his bodyguard if we could have his autograph and he said yes, when we are all off the plane. Well, we all got off the plane and went up to him to get his autograph. The bodyguard told us to go away and to stop bothering him. I said, 'But you promised us when we were on the plane.' JC heard and insisted on doing right – he gave us his autograph and we took a few pictures."

    – lindsayp4f68ef44a

    13. "On my first flight when I was little I saw Lance Bass from N*Sync. He was smiling and talking to other passengers and was being overall adorable. I was terrified to fly and thought the plane would inevitably crash, but I told myself it was OK because a plane can’t crash when a star like Lance Bass is on it. And alas, we didn’t crash. So technically, Lance Bass saved all of our lives."

    – mirandaw4a4b766ba

    14. "I was standing in line to board a flight from New York to Atlanta, and people started coming up to the man in front of me to tell him they loved his show. Finally I realised it was Hugh Laurie. He saw me dragging my duffel bag and offered to carry it for me until he sat down in First Class. Oddly enough, he was speaking in an American accent."


    15. "When I was 12 years old, in 1985, my parents took us on a trip to England and Scotland. One day we were on a small flight from Scotland to England, and the security was unusually tight. We found out once we were on the plane that Princess Diana was also on the plane! We couldn’t see her from our seats, but since my brothers and I were children, the flight attendant took us up to look at the cockpit and told us that the Princess was sitting in the front row with her bodyguard. There were only 3 seats in that row. She was sitting by the window with her bodyguard next to her, who was reading a newspaper and trying to shield her from our eyes, but I remember that she looked at us and smiled."

    – taberic2

    16. "My mom and dad ran into Guy Fieri when they were going to California. He had his glasses hanging off the back of his ears, but no giant burgers were present."

    – bethanyp4c7450957

    17. "About seven years ago, I was flying back to Pittsburgh from Las Vegas on Southwest Airlines. It was time to pass out the drinks and snacks, and people seemed to be stirring more than usual. As an introvert, I kept my nose down, until the elderly gentleman next to me tapped me on the shoulder and said, 'Miss, do you know who that is with that giant clock on his neck?'

    "I look up and Flavor Flav was not only coming up the aisle toward me, but he was actually passing out the snacks with a huge grin! I thanked him for my Ritz with cheese and he said, 'Anything for you, baby!'

    "If this wasn’t all enough, Flavor Flav then got on the mic to tell us all how good Southwest is to him. He loves it. He flies it all the time. He helps out all the time on flights passing out snacks. At the end of the flight, he got back on the mic to talk us into the airport...and, of course, he signed off with a 'FLAAAVAAA FLAAAAAAAV!!!!'"


    18. "I was flying back to LA from London this July on Air New Zealand, of all random airlines. The desk agent called over the PA for Chris O'Dowd, and my friend and I just look at each other like, 'There's no way he could be on this flight!'

    "So we boarded a while later and just as we hit the economy cabin, there he was. He was jammed into a middle seat between two broad shouldered businessmen. We headed back to our seats, geeking out a little bit, and wound up sending him a message on the seat-to-seat chat on the TVs asking if he was heading to San Diego Comic Con. He actually responded! He said he wasn't going, but that he hoped we'd have fun."

    – Rey Holmgren, Facebook

    19. "I met Hurley from Lost right before I boarded an international flight and I was like, 'Oh my god. We’re all doomed on this flight. Goodbye life.'"


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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