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    One Of Taylor Swift's Dancers Has Apologised After He Shared Misogynistic Memes On Instagram

    Toshi Davidson has been notably absent from Taylor's shows in recent weeks.

    A few weeks ago, one of Taylor Swift's dancers caused uproar among her fans when he posted several memes on his Instagram story that they considered offensive.

    On 25 May, Kim "Toshi" Davidson – who has danced for Taylor since 2014 – posted several screenshots that were misogynistic and, in some cases, made light of sexual assault.

    Davidson has danced with Taylor since 2015, when he performed on her 1989 World Tour. She even donated $50,000 to his nephew, who was diagnosed with cancer at only 18 months old.

    After people called him out for posting the screenshots, Davidson responded with another Instagram post criticising them for being unable to "take a joke". His account was then made private.

    Some people pointed out that the posts were particularly inappropriate on the day of Taylor's show in Denver, Colorado, where she was sexually assaulted by a radio DJ in 2013.

    While Davidson did perform onstage during the Reputation show in Denver, he was notably absent from Taylor's set at Radio 1's Biggest Weekend in Swansea, Wales two days later.

    He also appeared to be absent from her shows in Chicago the following weekend. One eagle-eyed fan pointed out that he had been replaced by another of Taylor's dancers, Maho Udo, during one particular move.

    Davidson's name has also been removed from the credits that play onscreen at the end of each show, and his photo has been removed from the Reputation Tour book.

    All of this led fans to speculate that Davidson has been fired from the tour, and many praised Taylor for the decision.

    If Taylor actually fired toshi for the rape jokes I'm so proud. She understands that rape isn't something to make light of and finally got rid of his misogynistic ass

    But both Davidson and Swift have kept quiet about the situation – until now. This past weekend, Davidson took to Instagram to apologise for the offensive posts.

    "I deeply regret my action, and I'm heartbroken that I hurt my fans and followers who have encouraged me and have always believed in me," he wrote.

    Representatives for Taylor Swift and Toshi Davidson have been contacted for comment.