Noah Beck Responded To Backlash Over That TikToker Bahamas Vacation And It's Caused... Even More Backlash

    "Especially the business we’re in, it's like you need some time to kind of disconnect for a little."

    ICYMI, last week a bunch of TikTok's most popular teens — including Charli and Dixie D'Amelio, Noah Beck, Chase Hudson, and Madi Monroe — came under fire for going on vacation to the Bahamas in the middle of, you know, a global pandemic.

    While none of the stars explicitly said where they were on social media, fans expressed disappointment after they were seen posing for pictures at the Atlantis resort in Nassau.

    It's safe to say the vacation didn't go down well online, with people calling out the TikTokers for flouting COVID restrictions as the pandemic situation continues to worsen in their home city of Los Angeles.

    no cause the way charli even SPOKE out on live abt how she said she'd do better staying home and social distancing then they all go to the fucking BAHAMAS? could that not wait??? like its ok take a break from social media i get it but you can do that AT HOME.

    Twitter: @dixisondaze

    charli damelio won person of the year.. she’s literally in the bahamas rn with 15 other people during a pandemic and has been doing so all year what-

    Twitter: @stylessangell

    Several people pointed out how hypocritical it was for Charli in particular to be vacationing with a group of friends when she recently denounced "inconsiderate" young people who are using the pandemic as an opportunity to socialise.

    "If you're using this time to hang out with your friends since you don't have school, I'm asking you to please stop being so inconsiderate to others," the 16-year-old said on Instagram live. "You may think, 'Oh, this isn't going to affect me, it's not that bad.' You're thinking you're a teenager, you're immune. [But] you're putting other people at risk to get hurt and to be in pain."

    Now Noah Beck has spoken publicly about the vacation, telling paparazzi channel PapGalore this week that the trip was "really fun" and the backlash "is what it is."

    "Especially the business we're in, it's like, you need some time to kind of disconnect for a little," Beck told the cameraman. "That's what that was meant for."

    "From an outside perspective, you'd be like yeah, these people need to stop," Beck said when asked if he thought people were overreacting. "At the same time… we were very cautious with what we did."

    "I always say just do what makes you happy," he went on. "And yes, there's a lot of stuff going on in the world right now, but at the same time, it's like, we've been so cautious throughout everything."

    But Beck's explanation didn't go down well either, with many comments criticising his response amassing hundreds of thumbs up on YouTube.

    Plenty of people brought up the fact that healthcare professionals working on the front lines to combat COVID are unable to take the breaks Beck deemed "necessary."

    "If he needed a break he could've just deactivated his accounts and stayed in his big ass mansion," one person wrote.

    You can watch the PapGalore video in full here.