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    26 Fucking Infuriating Things That Happen In Every Teen Movie

    So. Many. Makeovers.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what most annoys them about teen movies. Here are some of their most infuriating responses...

    1. First of all, let's be honest: Everyone in teen movies is way more attractive than the average teen would be IRL.

    2. ...Probably because they're not actually teens at all.

    3. And why is everyone wearing heels and a full face of makeup?! I've never seen a high school student wearing heels.

    4. High schools always seem to be completely divided by stereotypes: jocks, nerds, weirdos, popular girls...

    5. And the stereotypes themselves are seriously annoying – cheerleaders are always portrayed as bitchy or snobby, which is totally unrealistic.

    6. The mean girl always gets her comeuppance at the end of the movie.

    7. ...While the popular guy sees the error of his ways and falls in love with the ~quirky~ girl.

    8. In fact, the happy couple always seems to be two people who have absolutely nothing in common.

    9. And, actually, the fact that all teen movies seem to involve romance is totally unrealistic in itself.

    10. The popular guy always has a sensitive side that he's hiding from his super-popular girlfriend.

    11. The fact that the main characters are almost always white – and people of colour are reduced to harmful stereotypes.

    12. And representation of LGBT characters is always minimum, if it's there at all.

    13. For some reason, the characters always talk like fully grown, intellectual adults when they're supposed to be 16 years old.

    14. Everyone has a car – and can drive it without supervision – no matter what their age or social standing.

    15. The entire concept of the Designated Ugly Fat Friend (otherwise known as the DUFF).

    16. Not to mention the insanely hot girl who, for some reason, always acts like she's "invisible".

    17. Whenever the characters get in trouble with their parents, their punishment never lasts long.

    18. Which happens a lot, because teens in movies are apparently really good at throwing raging house parties.

    19. And when they're not handing out useless punishments, the adults in these movies always seem to be totally clueless as to what's going on with their kids or students.

    20. It may just be a little thing – but students hanging out in school corridors in between classes is totally unrealistic.

    21. And they never seem to have homework.

    22. The movie always ends with ~the big dance~ – and everyone suddenly cares massively about the main character, even though they've ignored her for most of the movie.

    23. But not before she's been through the all-important makeover montage.

    24. ...Which usually just consists of taking off her glasses.

    25. And speaking of the big dance, it's always a way bigger deal in movies than it is in real life.

    26. Because – let's face it – in real life, things don't always turn out the way they do in movies.

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