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26 Fucking Infuriating Things That Happen In Every Teen Movie

So. Many. Makeovers.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what most annoys them about teen movies. Here are some of their most infuriating responses...

1. First of all, let's be honest: Everyone in teen movies is way more attractive than the average teen would be IRL.

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"Even the so-called 'ugly' people in teen movies are probably what most of us would consider 'real world' attractive. Even the EXTRAS in teen movies are flawless. And the one fat/ugly kid used for cheap laughs? Probably what I WISH I looked like in high school." – Jay MK, Facebook

2. ...Probably because they're not actually teens at all.

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"God forbid a character going through the awkwardest stage of life full of raging hormones, high school, and acne be played by someone who's actually going through that in real life" – Aryana Buck, Facebook

3. And why is everyone wearing heels and a full face of makeup?! I've never seen a high school student wearing heels.

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"Running shoes or sneakers, jeans, and, like, normal shirts are typical things worn in a high school. I'm really not sure where the idea of girls wearing skirts and heels and a full face of makeup every day to school came from. Or jocks wearing their varsity jackets everywhere." – queerleader


4. High schools always seem to be completely divided by stereotypes: jocks, nerds, weirdos, popular girls...

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"Cliques are a thing, but they're usually filled with fairly diverse people, not just groups of jocks and nerds. You can be an artist but still be on the track team, or a social justice warrior who is also prom queen." – artyl

6. The mean girl always gets her comeuppance at the end of the movie.

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"What makes this girl the mean girl? You don't know her life, her story, you have no idea what she's been through because you don't even bother to ask. The mean girl is always two-dimensional and horrible while the main girl is perfect." – cassidy heath

7. ...While the popular guy sees the error of his ways and falls in love with the ~quirky~ girl.

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"Popular girls are mean, stay mean, and hardly develop at all. Popular guys start mean, learn something from the 'quirky' girl, and become a hero in the end when asking her to the big dance." – Rachel Toruno, Facebook


8. In fact, the happy couple always seems to be two people who have absolutely nothing in common.

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"The most ridiculous example of this: The Breakfast Club. Like, how? Why? Can't they just become friends or something?" – agnieszkaaau

9. And, actually, the fact that all teen movies seem to involve romance is totally unrealistic in itself.

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"Why does every teen movie have to have romance?! It's pretty normal to get through adolescence without meeting your soulmate!" – katieg4a39e845a

10. The popular guy always has a sensitive side that he's hiding from his super-popular girlfriend.

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"He's deep down this artist/musician/writer/whatever, and that side can only be channeled when he's alone because he fears everyone else will mock him, but then he discovers the nerdy pretty girl who's shy and then he can finally be himself!!" – m4f8c2c6e7

11. The fact that the main characters are almost always white – and people of colour are reduced to harmful stereotypes.

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"The one black character, given that we are in the movie at all, either has an attitude, comes out with clever one-liners, or only says 'mmmhm'." – Shaleen Tibbs, Facebook


12. And representation of LGBT characters is always minimum, if it's there at all.

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"LGBTQ+ people get horrible representation 90% of the time, and most of our movies have sad endings. I just want a movie with good representation and a happy ending – is that too much to ask?" – ashleyz8898

13. For some reason, the characters always talk like fully grown, intellectual adults when they're supposed to be 16 years old.

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"There's always the part toward the end where everyone suddenly starts talking like they're 20 years older than they actually are, and making major revelations about life. Bonus points if there's a loud, dramatic outburst in which someone uses perfect adult vocabulary and articulates a full monologue while yelling and/or crying." – Amy Gabriel, Facebook

14. Everyone has a car – and can drive it without supervision – no matter what their age or social standing.

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"I've never seen a movie where they were like, 'Oh, my dad had to take my car today, so I had to walk.'" – Ella Lindokken, Facebook

15. The entire concept of the Designated Ugly Fat Friend (otherwise known as the DUFF).


"There's always a chubby friend for moral support and/or comic relief, but the thin friend – who's always the main character – doesn't reciprocate too much." – TwistedTadpole


16. Not to mention the insanely hot girl who, for some reason, always acts like she's "invisible".

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"She acts like she's the ugliest person on the planet, but her best friend (the awkward nerdy guy) and the school bad boy are both in love with her." – natashah4f6d30eb4

17. Whenever the characters get in trouble with their parents, their punishment never lasts long.

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"Whenever a kid gets in trouble/grounded, it lasts about two seconds and generally they break their grounding and never suffer the repercussions." – saige151


20. It may just be a little thing – but students hanging out in school corridors in between classes is totally unrealistic.

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"They all go to their lockers and meet up with friends and it seems like they have all the time in the world between bells, while us real high schoolers are running from class to class so our grumpy math teachers won't make us go get a late pass." – juliam48e88ebb5

22. The movie always ends with ~the big dance~ – and everyone suddenly cares massively about the main character, even though they've ignored her for most of the movie.

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"I hate when the main female walks into prom or homecoming fashionably late and EVERYONE in the room turns to look at her. No one really cares." – laurenh44d511256


24. ...Which usually just consists of taking off her glasses.

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"The quiet, nerdy girl who wore glasses ending up with a makeover always made me, the quiet girl who has to wear glasses, feel really awful about my self-image in high school." – d4e6f0587e

25. And speaking of the big dance, it's always a way bigger deal in movies than it is in real life.

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"The concept that it should be the greatest night of your life when magical, amazing things happen and you look like a princess is completely out of touch with most people's real experiences at prom." – lexic466cd136f

26. Because – let's face it – in real life, things don't always turn out the way they do in movies.

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"For once I want a movie where it ends and the girl still hasn't caught the attention of the boy of her dreams or realised she's in love with her best friend. Guess what, Hollywood: Sometimes the unpopular, awkward girl doesn't end up with a boyfriend in the end!" – skailyr

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