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29 Movies Directed By Women Literally Everyone Needs To See

Put these on your to-watch list.

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Since there's a serious lack of love for women-directed films at the moment (and always), we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to recommend their favourites. Here's what they said...

1. Wonder Woman (2017), dir. Patty Jenkins

Warner Bros.

"Diana Prince is portrayed the same way male superheroes have been portrayed all these years. The fact that she's a woman isn't a big deal, but femininity is still portrayed in a positive way, showing you can be strong and feminine. To me, it's a wholly inclusive film: young girls and boys can see something in it, but stories of the elderly enjoying the film also touch my heart. It's a funny, romantic, powerful film that I'll honestly think about for the rest of my life." – thetheoryofliv

2. The Beguiled (2017), dir. Sofia Coppola

Focus Features

"Sofia Coppola did a wonderful job as director, and I think her movie was better than the book. She took a story that wasn’t originally hers and turned it around. The cinematography is amazing, her play with lighting, the characters. Wonderful job." – paulinab429b56b76


4. Belle (2013), dir. Amma Asante

Fox Searchlight Pictures

"The film was both written and directed by women of colour. It's based on a real mixed race woman who lived in upper-class 18th century English society, and explores how she fought for her own space in a community where she doesn't seem to be belong. Think a Jane Austen novel, except with more questions about class divisions, race relations, and a woman's role in society." – lucyk411ec8149

5. The 33 (2015), dir. Patricia Riggen

Warner Bros.

"It’s the true story of 33 men in Chile who got trapped underground in a gold and copper mine for 69 days. The story is beautiful and I was really moved when I first saw it." – courtneyk16


10. The Diary of a Teenage Girl (2015), dir. Marielle Heller

Sony Pictures Classics

"One of the only realistic portrayals of a 15-year-old girl I’ve ever seen in film. The art and script are wonderful, and the hazy, beautiful setting of San Francisco in the '70s seals the deal." – Isla O'Neill, Facebook


13. The To Do List (2013), dir. Maggie Carey

CBS Films

"It’s smart, funny, and empowering. It shows women can have a ‘vulgar’ sense of humour without the fear of being slut-shamed. It's honestly one of my favourite comedies!" – ceciliac442593681


15. The Love Witch (2016), dir. Anna Biller

Oscilloscope Laboratories

"Its aesthetics remind me of Rosemary's Baby – even looking at the cover, you can't tell this movie was made in 2016. Anna Biller designed the sets, picked out the clothes, and wrote the story. I saw the film as a meditation on how deadly patriarchal romance standards can be for both men and women and how it can prevent us from seeing the humanity in each other." – c48801f82b

17. Zero Dark Thirty (2012), dir. Kathryn Bigelow

Universal Pictures

"We already know how the story ends, but it’s still intense and gripping. It also showcases the immense talent that is Jessica Chastain and allows her to shine in the lead role." – emilyf43433af41

18. Red Road (2006), dir. Andrea Arnold

Verve Pictures

"Red Road tells the story of a female CCTV operator who, one night, spots a figure from the past she needs to settle a score with. It's set in Glasgow and the way Arnold combines a haunting, surreal aesthetic with gritty realism really showcases what an amazing filmmaker she is." – Eva Wewiorski, Facebook


19. Lost In Translation (2003), dir. Sofia Coppola

Focus Features

"She captures the loneliness and isolation of being in an unknown land, and warmth that a friendship can bring. This is a great movie to watch when you feel like nobody cares about you. There are friends everywhere." – RforFilm

21. Suffragette (2015), dir. Sarah Gavron


"Sarah Gavron's film is moving, intimate, and harrowing, sometimes all at the same time. It balances the personal lives of those fighting for the vote and the political side of it brilliantly, which made it even better when I found out the main character is fictional!" – samk4a632d5d8


24. The Sisterhood of Night (2014), dir. Caryn Waechter

Freestyle Releasing

"Four teenage girls decide to go offline, form a secret society, and take a vow not to reveal anything about their sisterhood. This movie was life changing for me. It reinforced something I was only just starting to learn: how to embrace and support my sisters, and how admitting you were wrong is one of the bravest things you can do." – kristend43cd3450f

25. Thirteen (2003), dir. Catherine Hardwicke

Fox Searchlight Pictures

"Amazing acting from everyone involved – Nikki Reid, Evan Rachel Wood, and Holly Hunter. I've seen it so many times and I never get bored of it." – jennh4f77b06d5


29. Lady Bird (2017), dir. Greta Gerwig


"Greta Gerwig envisions such an amazing story from the perspective of a young girl and her mother's love. It's beautifully told and visually satisfying in every aspect. I could go on why it’s one of the greatest films directed by a woman, but the reasons are endless." – edgarg4462e39a0

Note: Some submissions may have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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